2024 Beijing Economic Development Zone Primary and Middle School Students Winter Sports Activity Start
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  On January 4th,时事热点 the 2024 Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Student Brand Fair Series and Elementary and Middle School Students' Winter Sports Activities opened at Yizhuang New Town School of the People's Congress.This seriesThe activity is one month, with the theme of "Ice and Snow, Leading Champions, Building Health, Happy Growth", which will bring students aField Ice and Snow Sports event.

  In order to implement the relevant development planning and policies of the national and Beijing Government, promote the popularization and development of campus ice and snow sports, and improve the level of physical fitness and sports skills of young people, the Social and Social Division of the Communication District has organized this series of activities for primary and secondary school students in the district.EssenceThe event plan is carried out in Beijing Jianhua Experimental Yizhuang School, Beijing Yizhuang Experimental Middle School, the Yizhuang New Town School of the People's Congress, Yaohua Beijing School of Beijing Economic Development District, and the first Central Primary School in Yizhuang Town, Daxing District, Beijing.Primary and secondary schoolThe charm of sports literacy and ice and snow sports stimulate students' love for winter sports, and cultivate children's active sports spirit.

  As the startup device was lit, the event officially kicked off.After the launching ceremony, the guests invited to the opening ceremony interacted with the teachers and students present.Zhang Hao, a figure skating world champion, went to the stage and shared his experience of winning the championship for hundreds of teachers and students.Stimulate students to actively exercise and be brave to pursue their dreams,And to teach students the knowledge of ice and snow sports, show the professional movement of figure skating, and lead the students to learn.