Israeli Defense Force: "Near the end" of military operations in the northern part of the Gaza Strip
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On the evening of December 20, local time, the Israeli National Defense Force spokesman Hargri issued a statement saying that as the military operations of the Israeli army were "close to the end" in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, the Israeli Army began to resist the Islamic Islamic Islamic Islamic resistance in the new area of Gasha City (ha.Mas) Military forces fight.

Hamas has no response to this.

A large number of civilian casualties caused by Israel in the Gaza Strip are increasingly bringing the United States into the unfavorable situation.

The Israeli National Defense Minister Joe Garrant met with U.S. Defense Minister Laude Austen on the 18th that the Israeli Act in the Gaza Strip in the Gaza Strip will gradually transition to the "next stage".Austin reiterated that the United States supported the Fang military operations while urging the Fang to protect the civilians again.

Garrant met with Austin in the Israeli Ministry of Defense on the 18th.At the press conference between the two sides, Austin said that he discussed the issue of the Gaza Strip's military operations to the "low -intensity" transition.He claimed that the United States' support for Israel was "unshakable", and at the same time urged Israel to "do more" in protecting civilians.

Garrant said that the Israeli Army will continue to carry out the "different intensity" operations in accordance with the situation of the Gaza Strip, and will gradually transition to the "next stage" in "every area that has completed the task" and start to return residents.

Garrant said that the northern part of the Gaza may enter the "next stage" faster than the south, which means that residents who are displaced in the north may return first.