This forum in Shanghai has hotly discussed how cities and youths "go to both directions"
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China Youth Daily Client News (China Youth Daily · China Youth Network reporter Wei Qimeng) Recently, the 25th SEA-HI! Forum on the theme of "Urban Pulse, Youth Pass" was held in Shanghai. Youth planners, district league committee secretary, secretaryCollege students in the university gathered together to talk about how Shanghai builds youth -developed cities, and how cities and young people "go to both directions."

How should the city attract young people?Zhang Minqing, chief engineer of the Pudong Leading District Planning and Design Branch of the Shanghai Urban Planning and Design Institute, shared that in response to the needs of young people, the Shanghai Municipal Planning Institute proposed four "more" space for "more" space in Shanghai's special planning of housing in ShanghaiLayout orientation: It is closer to the center, closer to employment, more convenient travel, and more convenient life.In response to the diversified housing needs of young people at different stages, Shanghai has built a multi -level rental housing supply system for "one bed, one house, and a house".By the end of the "14th Five -Year Plan" period, Shanghai will build a total of 600,000 sets of affordable rental housing, which will also become the first step in helping new citizens to achieve "settlement" in Shanghai.

Shen Congle, the editor -in -chief of the first -tier first -tier city research institute of First Financial and Economics, believes that commercial innovation is an important city background in Shanghai and reflects the tolerance and innovation vitality of Shanghai's urban culture.New consumer brands entrepreneurs have a high degree of gathering. For example, the Anfu Road-Wukang Road neighborhood has multiple offline scenarios needed by young people.She said: "Business innovation brings new industries and employment opportunities, providing young people with more opportunities."

According to the latest data of the Shanghai Population Office, the net flow in Jinshan District this year ranks among the top three in the city.What attractive people are in Jinshan District, especially in the suburbs of Shanghai, especially young people?Wang Minmin, Secretary of the Tuanjinshan District Committee, shared that first of all, Jinshan District is beautiful, which is in line with the expectations of young people's expectations for livable cities. Second, Jinshan is an important carrying area for high -end manufacturing in Shanghai.Third, Jinshan District has made a maximum effort to provide a platform or service supply for youth. For example, a talent apartment at the core plot next to the Golden Mountain Government, the monthly rent is only 1500-3,000 yuan.In addition, Jinshan District has many platforms such as industrial youth innovation contests to provide young people with opportunities for growth.

The forum was co -sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Shanghai Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau, and co -sponsored by the Shanghai Urban Planning and Design Research Institute and the Shanghai Youth Service and Rights Protection Office.At the forum, the LOGO collection event of Shanghai Youth Development City was also launched.