Analyzing Taiwan's status and impact on my country's security, how do you think you should solve the Taiwan problem?
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Analyzing Taiwan's status and impact on my country's security,hot topic website how do you think you should solve the Taiwan problem?

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The Taiwan issue may become the explosive factor of China's unification and security in the new century, and the key to the United States and Japan's stubborn interference in China's internal affairs is Taiwan's prominent geographical strategic position.If you do not comprehensively analyze the geographical strategic position of Taiwan, you cannot understand the importance and sensitivity of Taiwan issues.

The west of Taiwan relies on the Asian continent and faces the vast Pacific Ocean. The narrowest part of the Taiwan Strait is only 140 kilometers from the mainland.Taiwan is located in the center of a large string of large islands in the Kanshaga Peninsula from the south of the Western Pacific, the Philippines, the north to Japan, and Russia.With Taipei as the center, within the 2,000 kilometers of aviation radius, including the Korean Peninsula, the Philippines, Okinawa, Okinawa, Kyushu in Japan, the four kingdoms, and the prefecture, the 4,000 km aviation radius includes the Guam, the Mariana Islands, and the Garolin Islands.Waiting for the important naval base of the United States in the Western Pacific.The Taiwan Strait is the Maritime Transportation Hub in the Western Pacific.Taiwan's unique geographical location has a vital geographical strategic significance of both the United States and Japan. It is a place where the strategic interests of China, the United States, and Japan.(Also secretly Japan) The deepest reason for the stubborn interference in China's internal affairs.

1. "The Breeze of the Seven Provinces" and "The Key of Locks in the Southeast"
Taiwan is the largest island in China. It is lonely in the southeast coast. It is a strategic place that integrates offense and defense., Known as the "key to the southeast".Taiwan's major strategic significance in China's national defense security even has a sober understanding of Taiwanese scholars.For example, Dr. Huang Jiezheng, a consultant to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Washington, analyzed Taiwan's strategic position from three aspects from the perspective of China's national defense security: (1) Taiwan is the key to China Maritime Defense.Taiwan is about 100 nautical miles away from the southeast coast of China.If Taiwan is under the control of China, Taiwan can be used as China's early warning facilities and the first layer of defense.This has greatly extended China's defense depth.(2) Taiwan is the gateway to the sea in China.Taiwan is located at the southern end of the United States -South Korea -Japan Security Alliance.Taiwan is also located at the northern end of the ASEAN with the South China Sea.Taiwan is a strategic breakthrough point in China to cross the "first island chain".Controlling Taiwan, the PLA Navy can "comfortably" into the vast Pacific Ocean.(3) Taiwan is the gate of the Asia -Pacific shipping.In terms of strategic, Taiwan is at the midpoint of the Asia -Pacific Shipping Road, connecting the channels between Shanghai, Hong Kong, Ryukyu and Manila, Yokosuka and Jinlan Bay, as well as the channel between the Sea of Ehiri and the Malacca Strait.Important commercial or strategic transportation in the Pacific of Asia is within the scope of Taiwan's surveillance.(Note: [US] Editor -in -chief of James Lirey, Chu Ke Downs. Taiwan crisis; past, present, future, Xinhua Publishing House 2000: 286) The three points above can be described as three points of wood. The following analysis is made:

(1) Taiwan is the key to China's coastal defense.Taiwan and its surrounding areas are China that is also a rare military place in East Asia.From a military geography point of view, the south of Taiwan is the same as Hainan Island, forming a "double eyes", and echoing the Zhoushan Islands north to form a "horn".With Taiwan as the center, connecting the two main points of Hainan Island and the Zhoushan Islands, which constitutes a natural and powerful strategic sea defense line, is enough to cover the strategic depth of 6 provinces and cities in the southeast coast of my country and the direction.Since the reform and opening up, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta on the southeast coast are the most developed. These two Delta carried the hope of the Chinese nation to catch up with the world's advanced level.It plays an irregular role.

Taiwan is located in the middle of the coast of China. It is about 900 north from the Yalu River Estuary to the north. The Beilun River mouth and the Nansha Islands at the junction of the Sino -Vietnamese are about 800 nautical miles. Its special geographical location makes it very strategic.If a modern fleet is attacked from this waters, in less than two days, the maneuver can cover the entire coast of China.Taiwan is the intermediate link of the first island chain of the West Pacific. It is connected to two strategic areas of Northeast and Southeast Asia. At the same time, it also guards the Pacific to Indian Ocean.Start with the whole place.In addition, from Taiwan to the east, spanning 1200 nautical miles can attack the second island chain.From a military perspective, a little bit of it can be magnificent.

Taiwan's return to the motherland has extremely important military value.For defense, Taiwan has a certain strategic depth and facilitates the support of the strategic rear. It can become a strong military fortress and strategic support point; for offense, Taiwan is located in the place where the sea transport hub locks, and there are large -capacity military ports, and there are large -capacity ports, and there are large -capacity ports, and there are large -capacity military ports.Airport and vast motor waters.There are open sea mouths on both ends of the north and south of Taiwan, and they have a fulfilling comprehensive guarantee capabilities, which is enough to attack Taiwan's north and south directions.Taiwan's status in China's coastal defense is also a "non -sinking aircraft carrier."Once Taiwan is controlled by hostile forces, it can block the entire Strait with the shore -based anti -ship missiles. The gains and losses of Taiwan Island are related to the prosperity of the prosperity of the Chinese nation's future and decline.

(2) Taiwan is the gateway to the Pacific Ocean.It is often said that China is a large East Asian country with both land and sea and has a long coastline.However, China and the United States are not the same. There is only one direction of China's marine development, and it is tightly surrounded by the first island chain of the Western Pacific. It is actually in a semi -closed state.The East China Sea and the Yellow Sea are obstructed on the Japanese natives and the Ryukyu Islands. The South China Sea is closed by Southeast Asian countries. Only some of the ocean noodles east east of Taiwan are the only exit of my country that can directly enter the Pacific Ocean. It is an important strategic channel for China to move towards the Pacific.Before the 1970s, western countries headed by the United States used this geographical situation to implement maritime blockade to my country, which severely restricted China's social development and economic construction. In fact Natural conditions, even now, my country's semi -closed state has not been eliminated.To develop towards the Pacific Ocean, the key to the first island chain must be out of the first island chain. The key to the first island chain is Taiwan. Taiwan is the gate of China to the Pacific.Lock.To become a marine country, the prerequisite is to solve the problem of Taiwan.Once Taiwan and the mainland are unified, China's coastal defense situation will be greatly changed, and maritime defense can be greatly advanced.

(3) The Taiwan Strait is the throat of the north and south sea in China.The Taiwan Strait is about 220 nautical miles long, with an average width of about 90 nautical miles. It is the throat of my country's coastal coastal transportation. It is a shortcut to connect the East China and the South China Sea.If the ports of our country are distributed by Quanzhou Port in the middle of the Taiwan Strait, 10 major ports are in the north.There are three foreign trade routes in my country that need to go south.Energy in southern China, coal, oil, etc. are essential large southern transport materials, which requires shipping.Therefore, the unobstructed shipping of the Taiwan Strait is of great significance to the balanced development of China's economy and the smooth progress of overseas trade.

2. "A never -sinking aircraft carrier"
Taiwan is a "never -sinking aircraft carrier". This is a famous saying of MacArthur, a five -star American general, which accurately summarizes Taiwan's position in the US global strategy.For this "never sinking aircraft carrier", the United States has long interfered in China's internal affairs for a long time.The Taiwan issue is still the most sensitive and explosive problem in Sino -US relations.
US Secretary of State, Swarm (1861-1868), advocated the "Pacific Empire theory" and tried to advocate the United States to expand towards the Pacific.The original ancestor Mahan, the "sea power theory", played a specific play on the theory of the Pacific Empire, arguing that "the responsibility of the future world centered on China" should be held by the United States.(Note: Edited by Qing Ruyu. The History of the United States Invasion (Volume 2). Sanlian Bookstore. 1952: 25) Since then, the "Pacific Empire Theory" centered on China has become a traditional policy idea of the American ruling class.

The United States first proposed to occupy Taiwan, the commander of the East India Fleet, Matthew Perizer.He advocated that "the United States should take the lead in Taiwan alone" and "first establish a US colony or residence place in Taiwan as the center of the United States to develop Oriental Business."To achieve this, we must "establish a US naval base in Taiwan to take on various tasks."Perry, a well -known figure in the history of the Pacific Base in the history of the United States, has not been realized at the time, although it was not realized at the time, it would undoubtedly have a significant impact on the United States' control of Taiwan after the Second World War.From Perry to MacArthur, their claims were almost the same.

After the end of World War II, the United States began to consider Taiwan's strategic value from the perspective of the Cold War and global confrontation.MacArthur, then commander -in -chief of Japan's alliance, submitted a memorandum on Taiwan's strategic position twice on May 29, 1950 and June 14, 1950.MacArthur claims: Taiwan, in terms of geographical or strategic perspective, is an extremely important part of the United States from the Far East defense line from the Alexian Islands to the Philippines.Once the war broke out, if the United States controls Taiwan, it can "lock" the Communist Party's transportation, so that the former Soviet Union could not obtain or greatly reduce its possibility of strategic supplies to obtain East and Southeast Asia.If this place falls under the control of the Communist Party, the enemy's power will increase "100 %", and even the Communist's light aircraft can attack the US facilities in the Philippines.MacArthur compares Taiwan to "the aircraft carrier and submarine base that will never sink". If this strategy is to fall into the hands of the CCP and be used by the former Soviet Union, it is equivalent to the fleet of the fleet composed of dozens of aircraft carriers.EssenceTherefore, MacArthur urged Washington to take obedient measures, "it must not allow Taiwan to fall into the hands of the Communist Party."(Note: Serg., US policy and Taiwan issue. World Knowledge Publishing House .1998: 145-146)

After the outbreak of the Korean War on June 25, 1950, all the hesitation in the United States disappeared. On June 27, President Truman ordered the Seventh Fleet to enter the Taiwan Strait to prevent the People's Liberation Army from recovering Taiwan with force.In 1954, the United States and Chiangki signed the "Common Defense Treaty", and the United States undertook the obligation to "defend" Taiwan in the form of a treaty.Throughout the Cold War, Taiwan established "sweaty" in the global strategy of curbing communism in the United States.Because this "never -sinking aircraft carrier" is not isolated, it is also the intermediate link between the United States in a series of military bases in the Far East, and later became an important part of the interconnected bilateral military alliances.In the Cold War, the United States in the Western Pacific, from the north, the Qiandao Islands via the Japanese islands, Ryukyu, Taiwan, the Philippines to Australia, and New Zealand, and built a ring -shaped defense line.Taiwan, located in the West Pacific Channel Hub is in the middle of this line of defense.If the mainland and Taiwan will be unified, it is bound to tear a gap on this line of defense; if the above "arc" breaks, the absolute sea power control in the United States in East Asia will be lost;The Philippine military base will be threatened by fatal.It is the irreplaceable strategic position in Taiwan that the United States has caught Taiwan. Even after the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States, the United States still maintains a close relationship with Taiwan and continues to interfere with China's internal affairs.

After the Cold War ended, in the US global strategy and Asia -Pacific strategy, Taiwan's geographical strategy value not only did not decline, but increased sharply.After the disintegration of the former Soviet Union, the long -lasting strategic goal of the United States dominated the world is still to control the edge of Eurasia and prevent any great power on the European Asia and Asia.In Europe, the United States took the opportunity to highlight its leadership position in the region with NATO East expansion and armed interference in the South League; in the Asia -Pacific region, the United States strengthened its control of the Asian bilateral military relations with the United States and Japan as the core.Try to incorporate Taiwan into the "Japanese -American Defense Cooperation Poor" and "Theater missile defense system".After the United States lost 1,000 nautical miles north after losing its sea and air base in the Philippines, its military base was removed from the north.And control China's southeast coast.Therefore, the United States regards Taiwan as an important strategic place to contain China and dominate Asia -Pacific.Bujetzinsky claims: "If the United States uses military forces to forcibly unify Taiwan's attempts by default, the status of the United States in the Far East will be destroyed by destruction. Therefore, if Taiwan is unable to protect itself at that time, the United States will never be military in military.Do nothing. "" In other words, the United States will have to intervene. But that is not for a separate Taiwan, but for the geopolitical interests of the United States in the Asia -Pacific region. "Rizili Big Chess Bureau -the primary status of the United States and its geopolitics. Shanghai People's Publishing House .1998: 245 ~ 246) The United States will never watch Taiwan and the mainland for its so -called "geopolitical interests".Realize unification smoothly.In this regard, the Chinese government and the Chinese people never have any fantasies.

3. "Naobrallas in the East"
Some people in Japan call Taiwan "Nao Gibraltar in the East", which is the most appropriate to reflect Taiwan's importance to Japan.As a neighbor of China, Japan has long recognized Taiwan's strategic value.After the Meiji Restoration of Japan in 1868, it quickly embarked on the road of aggression and expansion, and Taiwan became the first target.In 1894, one of the important intentions of the Sino -Japanese War of the Sino -Japanese Sino -Japanese War in Japan was to capture Taiwan.The former prime minister of Japan Matsushita just said, "Taiwan must be permanently returned to our country" at the time, "Taiwan is in our country, just like the key to the south gate, if you want to develop to the south, to expand the territory of the Japanese Empire.One portal is not. "(Note: Edited by Peng Qian. Wake up, Japan! New World Press .1996: 41-42) Taiwan is Japan's "stones in the south". Japan has captured Taiwan to continue to expand to Southeast Asia.

Although Japan was forced to return Taiwan to China after the failure of World War II, Japan still has "special, huge political and economic interests" in Taiwan.From a military and security perspective, if Taiwan falls to Japan, Japan can form a blockbuster chain to China so that China can be stabbed at a critical moment.During the Second World War, Japan had controlled Taiwan after controlling Taiwan, and went south along the Western Pacific Island chain to occupy the Philippine Islands and Indonesia.After China regains Taiwan, it can prevent Japan's strategy from going south to try to south and prevent Japanese forces from extending into the hinterland of southeast China.In addition, Taiwan is located in the Western Pacific Ocean to rush to Southeast Asia in the south, to the Persian Gulf and Europe in the west, and Japan ’s transportation volume on this route is about 500 million tons each year, including 90 oil required by Japan, including Japan.%And 100%of nuclear fuel.Japan is an island country with poor resources. Economic development is seriously dependent on maritime transportation lines. Bujitzinsky once described Japan as "fragile flowers".The Southwest route passing through the Taiwan Strait is Japan's maritime lifeline. Once this lifeline is interrupted, the blow to Japan will be fatal.

Since the mid -1990s, Japan and the United States have strengthened security cooperation. In April 1996, the "Joint Declaration of Japan and the United States Security Guarantee" was published. In September 1997, the revised "Japan -US Defense Cooperation Poems" was finally published.The scope has expanded from "Japanese things" to "things around Japan."The significant acceleration of Japan -US security cooperation was carried out in the context of a fierce competition on the Taiwan and the United States on the background of the Sino -US issue and the continuous deepening of the United States and Japan.Although the Japanese and American government has never clearly defined the concept of "surrounding Japan", intending to retain "strategic ambiguous" on this issue, and claiming that "the Japanese and American security system is not targeted at any country.Promote relations with China. "(Note: [Japan] Yomiuri Shimbun .1997.03.30) But some anti -Chinese elements in Japan have long broken this "ambiguous" and clearly point the spearhead to China.Japanese Prime Minister Assistant Okamoto Okamoto announced in April 1997 that "the Taiwan Strait is near Japan, and Japan is a proper thing in the Taiwan Strait", and "the security of the Taiwan Strait is the object of the Japanese and American safety treaties."(Note: Xinhua News Agency .1997.04.15) On August 17, 1998, the chief official of the Japanese cabinet official Takayama Jingliu openly declare that the dispute between China and Taiwan "certainly belongs to" the scope of Japan -US defense cooperation, and argued that: Zhongtai occurred in China Taiwan.When the United States takes action, can Japan refuse to provide support?(Note: [Japan] Asahi Shimbun .1997.08.18) When Chairman Jiang Zemin visited Japan in November 1998, Japan resolutely refused to write the "three non -policy" into the joint communique.All these fully indicate that Japan is in the military's real attempts in Taiwan.On the issue of unification in China, Minghuo interfered with Americans, but the Japanese were really restless.No wonder some people say, "On the issue of Taiwan, Americans are always in trouble, but what is really worrying is the Japanese."

Fifty -eight Cross -Strait, the same type of the same roots and the same type (Lin Cuiping song "Waiting for You Back")
Non -original comprehensive reprint reprint part of the copyright belongs to the original author
Waiting for you to return
Lin Cuiping -Taiwanese singer

Lin Cuiping, born on March 15, 1967, was born in Changhua County, Taiwan, China, and Taiwanese female singer.Representative works include "Flying Sands" and "Slower Night".
Song: "Waiting for You Return to Airlines"
Singer: Lin Cuiping
A belonging album: "Slower Night"
Look at the waves at sea,
My heart will be rippling,
Why have you lived an agreed day,
Can't wait for your return.
Far away, looking at the vast sea,
The waves and waves were rolled up and sad.
You said you want to go home successfully,
I think so too,
Waiting for your return flight every day,
Put on your clothes.
Standing at this port and looking at and looking at it,
Alas, hope again,
Only the seagull was flying.
Look at the waves at sea,
My heart will be rippling,
Why have you lived an agreed day,
Can't wait for your return.
Far away, looking at the vast sea,
Waves and waves, waves rolled up and sad,
You said you want to go home successfully,
I think so too,
Waiting for your return flight every day,
Put on your clothes.
Standing at this port and looking at and looking at it,
Alas, hope again,
Only the seagull was flying.
Look at the waves at sea,
My heart will be rippling,
Why have you lived an agreed day,
Can't wait for your return.
Far away, looking at the vast sea,
Waves and waves, waves rolled up and sad,
You said you want to go home successfully,
I think so too,
Waiting for your return flight every day,
Put on your clothes.
Standing at this port and looking at and looking at it,
Alas, hope again,
Only the seagull was flying.

Yu Youren's famous patriotic poem "Looking Hometown" was published on November 10, 1964.Later Mr. Ren Ren Xie Shi in Taipei.In his later years, Mr. Yu You Ren in Taiwan, China, longed for Ye Luo, but failed to do so.The shallow strait is the biggest country, the deepest nostalgia! In his later years, he was detained in Taiwan. There was no relative around the right side.On January 24, 1962, Mr. Ren Ren wrote a sincere and gloomy poem "Looking at the Hometown".This is the sorrow written by his nostalgia for his hometown of the mainland. Among them, the feelings of the country of Huaixiang are overwhelming, and it is a sang that touches the soul of the soul of the descendants of Yanhuang.
(Note: Because there is no problem in the original poem, there have always been several poems: "Looking at the Hometown", "Looking for the mainland" or "Guo Yan".)
I buried me above the mountains and hoped that my hometown; my hometown was not visible, and I could never forget.
I buried me on the mountain, and I hope my mainland; the mainland is not visible, only crying.
Tian Cang Cang, the wild, above the mountains, the state owners! You must not be the mainland, you can't return to your hometown, the mainland, why is it rehabilitating?
"Looking at Taiwan" (Sixth Edition <Three>) -The Lawyer Li Hanxiong, Poems of the Chinese Kuomintang veteran Yu You Ren
"Looking at Taiwan"
I am in the sea of the sea, looking at me in Taiwan; Taiwan is in front of me, looking forward to reunion.
I am in the sea of the sea, and I hope my classmates; the classmates are in front of my eyes, waiting for you to return.
Tian Cang Cang, the wild, the sea of the sea, the family has a hall.
This song describes the great mood based on the starting point of brothers and classmates (classmates, fellows, fellows, and even the party).Compatriots on both sides of the strait are connected with blood veins, the same roots and the same origin, the same text and the same type, the hands and feet cannot be separated.
At that time, the Communist Party and the Communist Party contended, and the Chinese Communist Party won.Become a place for the sovereign forces under China's sovereignty.The local authorities in Taiwan sold their ancestors at the expense of "挟 台湾 台湾", trying to support the United States to support the United States, trying to "resist gifts" with the mainland, and caused the Taiwan Strait.
Taiwan belongs to a province in the "seven provinces and one cities" in East China, and it is not far from the mainland.Most of the military and political personnel who boarded the island are "foreign people" in the eyes of "Taiwan independence".It is polite to say that Taiwan has become China's "a local province of rebellion"; since it is the local regime of "rebellion", the central government has a reasonable and legitimate public opinion foundation and historical reasons.
However, the central government has done its best. From the "one outline and four eyes" to the "one country, two systems", in order to reduce the sacrifice of bleeding, it would rather "decentralize power" to return to Taiwan Province.The biggest efforts of the collection are to fight for the people of Taiwan and local authorities in Taiwan, "Chinese do not hit the Chinese."Everyone in the mainland is also looking forward to Taiwan's "returning navigation" and not going further and further on the wrong road.
In this poem, "Pray for Reunion" is the name of changing the rhythmic song "Pray for Reunion".The pain of separation reflects the ardent hope of mainland compatriots for Taiwan Province.
Mr. Yu Lao wrote the crying blood of this "Looking for the Mainland" full of sadness. It can be described as blood and tears, and there are thoughts and emotions of "desire cannot be stopped" in the lines;The author's destiny is closely connected with the Chinese National Games.In 1982, Liao Chengzhi "believed" Jiang Jingguo as his brother, and hoped to open the door to unity; helpless Xiao Jiang made a "three no" policy that trapped his hands and feet, until he entered the coffin, and there was no one without entering the coffin."Unlock".
"Home has a hall", although facing the situation of "state -owned", for the Chinese who have relocated the relocation and the roots of Ye Luo, how can you "go away" to "travel" and not come back?The family hall is the ancestral hall and the ancestral hall, and the ancestors are not sacrificed. Isn't this fucking a unscrupulous descendant?
For Taiwan, the mainland is the root of Taiwan.The mainland is "Zhengtang". There is always a villain in Taiwan who wants to set up "Yamen" in private, and forget the ancestors; try to fight against gifts?Can you afford it?Here I personally advise Taiwan independence elements to say a few words. If you want to live for a few more years, save it.
Da Na 1 hour ago
Most of the 2 million people in Taiwan are both treason and others
Depression Insomnia (Author) Reply to Da Na just
This word cannot be said so. After the real situation after the future, many people who have vowed to vowed many people with wall grass also scolded Taiwanese independence elements and unknown foolish Han.How can there be a lot of people in which the houses and cities in the province and cities in the mainland also have a lot of vaccines. There are many vaccines. There are Taiwanese compatriots who run the mainland to avoid war.I do n’t believe that this vowing thing is that the Great Wall, which is complicated, is still there today, and Qin Shihuang was not seen that year.Nowadays, the people inside and outside the Great Wall are not distinguished by any distinguished people in our country to live in: there are 56 ethnic groups in my country, and the Han people are the most people, and the remaining 55 are ethnic minorities.From the perspective of living in various ethnic groups, all ethnic groups are scattered in provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, and mixed living. Therefore, they are called "large housing", but from the perspective of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, ethnic minorities live in a township and county.There are Han and other ethnic minorities in the small number of ethnic minorities, and there are also ethnic minorities in the Han nationality.The distribution of large and small settlements of our nation is conducive to mutual exchanges and unity and cooperation.Taiwan is even simpler that the Kuomintang government promoted Mandarin (Mandarin) that year, and many people who spoke Taiwanese, which are southern Fujian, and the original Taiwanese aborigines were originally Chinese. Most of their ancestors came from Zhuang and Dai people in Mainland China.Probably equivalent to the Takayama clan we are talking about.In fact, Taiwanese indigenous residents were originally lived in the plain.In the Qing Dynasty, they were rushed to the mountain by immigrants from the mainland.In fact, they also immigrated from the mainland earlier, but earlier, different from those who immigrated to the past during the Qing Dynasty.Later, they were called Takayama. The language of their ancestors was the same language as the Zhuang and Dai people in ancient China Baiyue.Therefore, the mainland and Taiwan compatriots who have discussed the unity of both sides of the strait and Taiwan's compatriots have been died in recent years. In recent years, Taiwan has returned to the mainland.Is there a difference between the reckless river? Is there a difference between the Great Wall in which the Great Wall is a domestic attraction? What does it say? Now the unwillingness does not mean that the unwilling time in the future is development and change.Isn't the person in it, isn't there no difference now? I agree with the overall situation. Beijing is the people of the country and the people of the country.Recognition of the overall situation
Twenty -five compatriots on both sides of the same roots of the same roots (Luo Dayou Song of Taiwan Pop Music)
Non -original comprehensive reprint copyright belongs to the original author
Taiwan Travel ---- Mazu Temple, Lugang Town
Lugang Town is located on the west coast of central Taiwan. Because it was the largest output port of deer skin in the Dutch era, it was called Lu Port.
The population of Lugang Town is only 80,000, but it has a prominent cultural history."One Mansion, Erlu Sanji" was a benchmark for the early development of Han culture in Taiwan in the early days. It refers to Tainan, Lugang, and Taipei Wanhua. Among them, Lugang was a major Hong Kong port town at that time.
"Lugang Town" is the first song in Luo Dayou's first solo album "Also" released in 1982, also known as "Taipei is not my home" so that some restaurants are named after it.Essence
Tianhou Palace in Lugang Town is strong
"Lugang Town" Luo Dayou
If you are from Lugang Town
  Do you see my father and mother
  My family lives behind Mazu Temple
  The small grocery store selling incense
  If you are from Lugang Town
  Do you see my lover
  I thought she was eighteen when I left home
  Have a kind heart and a long curly hair
  Taipei is not my home 
  My hometown does not have neon lights
  Fishing Village in Lugang in Lugang
  People who burned incense in Mazu Temple
  Taipei is not my home 
  My hometown does not have neon lights
  The dusk of Lugang in Lugang in Lugang
  People wandering in civilization
  (I heard that they dug away the red bricks in their hometown and built the cement wall
  People in their hometown get what they want but lose what they have
  A mottled wooden board on the door is engraved with a few words
  Sisters and grandchildren Sun Yongbao (some lyrics are blessed, but they are clearly listened, it is used or treasure)
  Fragrance of generations
  Ah —— Lukang's small town
Is Mazu really in history? Where did she live?
Pass onMazuThe real name is Lin Mo, Lin Mo Niang, born in the first year of the first year of Song Jianlong (960) March 23rd.In the fourth year of Song Taizong Yongxi (19987), he died on the ninth September of September.About 1000 years ago

The historical truth you don't know about the largest Mazu temple in Taiwan.Broadcast article
Wonderful world affairs
Only after going through deep darkness and tragedy, this exquisite palace became a sacred temple.

Mazu is one of the most important goddesses in Taiwan. This is to thank her for the protection of her in dangerous journey from the mainland of the motherland to Taiwan.It is estimated that there are more than 400 temples dedicated to Mazu alone in Taiwan alone, but one of the most sacred temples is located in Tainan City.

Later, the Qing government took over Taiwan, and General Shi Lang lived in this palace, and he petitioned the emperor, asking the emperor to transform this building into a temple worshiped by Mazu, so that Tainan Mazu Temple became the first formal worship of Mazu in Taiwan to worship Mazu.temple.
Pkihvy's "witch" status of Lin Mo Niang is the original form of Mazu's faith.Mazu beliefs are under the special ecological environment, which is closely related to marine fishery production and its maritime activities.Fishermen do not count because of maritime people, so they hope that there will be a maritime guardian god to bless the safety.Mazu's witch identity just adapts to people's demands.
Her ability to talk about the blessings in people, the help of the poor, and the cure of the disease and the disaster and the disaster conforming to people's wishes, so after her death, the temple sacrificed.Since then, her miracles have followed and shaped her into a perfect goddess.Therefore, the people's belief in witchcraft is the ideological foundation formed by Mazu culture.

Daming Mansion DHJDT2020.10.14

Personally, there are real people in Mazu in history.Putian is considered the original hometown of Mazu culture.
Mazu is also known as the Virgin of the Tianfu, the queen mother, Tianhou, Tianfei Niangniang, Tianfei, Meizhou mother, etc., which is the naval belief centered on the southeast coast of China.It is said that the main body of this belief has evolved from real people.Through the inspection of Mazu's life, it can be seen that Mazu's belief originated from folklore, and after legendary deity and historicalization, the general Mazu belief was finally formed.

Mazu was selected as a list of representative work of human intangible cultural heritage in the UNESCO in October 2009.
Mazu originated in the wizard belief in the Min and Vietnam region of China.During the development process, Mazu absorbed other folk beliefs (thousands of eyes, thousands of ears).Since the Northern Song Dynasty, Mazu has begun to be deified.With the expansion of the impact, she also includes Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism.In the end, Mazu gradually stood out from many sea gods. It was called Mazu (the locals' respect for the ancestors of the female). After the sacrifice, the temple was built by people.It has become an important part of the marine culture of Fujian and Taiwan and East Asian marine culture.
Mazu believes from Fujian to Zhejiang, Taiwan, Guangdong, Japan, Ryukyu, Southeast Asia (such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam) and other places.Mazu Temple or Tianhou Temple is distributed in the coastal areas of Shanghai, Tianjin, Nanjing, Shandong, and Liaoning.

Mazu is an ancient Han folk god, but why can her spirit be recognized, respected and praised by so many people inside and outside Shanghai?This is because Mazu condenses the lofty spiritual realm and traditional virtue of the Chinese nation.As a Chinese folk fisherman, Mazu prototype is brave, kind, and upright, rescue the urgency, protect the safe sailing of Chinese foreign ships, and benefit the people. These are great.Mazu has done a lot of good things that are beneficial to the people, and it is naturally respected by many people at home and abroad.

It should be increased by the center of Taiwan's compatriots
Based on the use of real estate use rights, peace and unifying Taiwan's discussion of the design and planning exploration of multifunctional houses in the new plan
Note: This series of articles are divided into three articles in the first article to introduce the overall introduction of this solution and the solution to the fixed nationality of Taiwan compatriots and renting them to the county seat to accompany the family as a turnover house.Two introductions to the function and design planning of multi -functional houses. Introduction. The third article is a slightly in -depth analysis of the fiscal analysis of the construction of such houses.The plan that can be taken for Taiwan compatriots can be taken and rented to the county seat to go to school to accompany the family as a turnover house to avoid waste.
The plan explores virtual design boldly assumes that be careful to verify and attract the jade, combination and peace of mind, peaceful reunification, and unified the world It is important to master the initiative on the unified Taiwan issue.For example, the reunification time that shows the world shows that we will announce the temporary relocation of Taiwan compatriots to the mainland. From this new crown epidemic Taiwanese compatriots, it can be seen that it can be seen from the mainland to take vaccines. Taiwan compatriots do not require the consent of the Taiwan authorities to get vaccines, but the vaccine management staff who come to the vaccine is to docking our government.It is important to unify most Taiwanese compatriots to unite to do mass movements. These fantasies and the mainland's lane war intend to abduct the people in the residential area to abduct the people to sell misery to the international community. This kind of behavior is ridiculous. I do n’t give Taiwan. I do n’t want to fight like this.How can the population of a country in the mainland do not agree with China should make a goal of a country who agrees with this country? Let me copy the spirit of the Party Central Committee for everyone to learn
The compatriots on both sides of the strait are Chinese, and the natural emotions and national identity of blood and the help of watching and help are unable to change anyone any forces!The trend of the era of the Taiwan Strait towards peace and stability, and the development of cross -strait relations can not stop anyone any forces!The historical trend of the country's strong, national rejuvenation, and the unity of cross -strait unification can be blocked by anyone and any forces!Unity is the general trend of history, which is the right way."Taiwan independence" is a historical countercurrent, and it is a way.The majority of Taiwan compatriots have a glorious patriotism tradition and are our flesh and blood relatives.We insist on sending the policy of the people of Taiwan, as always respecting Taiwan compatriots, caring for Taiwan compatriots, uniting Taiwan compatriots, relying on Taiwan compatriots, and to do practical things, do good, and solve difficult things for Taiwan compatriots.We are willing to create a broad space for peace and unification, but never leave any space for various forms of "Taiwan independence" division activities.The Chinese do not hit the Chinese.We are willing to strive for peace and unity with the greatest sincerity and maximum efforts, because realizing unification in a peaceful way is the most beneficial to compatriots and the whole nation on both sides of the strait.We do not promise to abandon the use of force and retain the options that take all necessary measures. They are targeted at external forces interference and very few "Taiwan independence" divisionists and their split activities.
What kind of measures do we take to deal with?Baggle, broad and peaceful unity In fact, unity is that the martial arts landing of the middle of the middle of the middle of the middle is still a part of peace and reunification. Because most of the Taiwanese compatriots have moved back to the mainland, in terms of international public opinion, we are also a peaceful and unified force to land.The small episode does not affect us as a peaceful and unified fundamental nature of the PLA. After the PLA landing is the island, we are also peaceful unity and unity.The staff of the cell staff will be managed to regain the safety and stability of the people's hearts. After the work is completed, the Taiwan compatriots who live in the mainland can return to Taiwan Island. Overall, we have always been a peaceful and unified process.24 million people arranged all arrangements to be scattered in the mainland to the counties and temporarily set up a year and a half to participate in large -scale production labor.The brisk and fun production labor is distributed enough to eat enough to drink and drink some milk to eat some fruit to eat warm and more. The matter of boarding the island of the People's Liberation Army will have nothing to do with the safety of Taiwan compatriots. Taiwan compatriots do not run to the mainland to fight in the local area for Taiwan? Run back to bring the real estate certificate and submit the government registration to protect their real estate in Taiwan.Come to register for the protection of Taiwan ’s island of Taiwan, which is protected, and there are additional good things. The mainland also divides a house to use a right house.What the natural and fittest mechanism of the ancestors' heritage of the ancestors who had lost the ancestor's legacy of the ancestor was the role of the natural world.If the force is recovering Taiwan is very simple for a few days, but the management in the future is not easy to recover than the land. If you do a ideological work now, I am thinking about it from Taiwan compatriots to come to the mainland to get a new crown vaccine.The vaccine does not require the consent of the Taiwan authorities. But the vaccine is connected to our government's vaccine management staff.Compatriots applying for the form on the Internet did not require the Taiwan authorities to agree to the mainland as long as the mainland introduced the pictures of the cities and counties where the various housing are located.The stream of blocking traveling to the mainland to see the house is endless. Can the motherland be good?Big feasible Taiwanese compatriots must first move to the mainland to come to the mainland to be good at our staff, coupled with the union of Taiwan compatriots with high ideology and awareness of our choice to regain the safety and stability of the people and the percentage of the compatriots of the platform compatriots.Ninety is a few percent percent of the duck's mouth grass. It is less than a few percent of the patriots.The degree of independence of Taiwan independence Taiwan is also the wall of the Taiwan independence.Also arguing where the house is arguing with his wife and children, who do n’t pull it, who do n’t want to fight in the local area and fight in Taiwan. There are Taiwanese compatriots who run the mainland to avoid war.Most people are life -threatening. I do n’t believe this. The human nature is the complex. The Great Wall is still there.At present, the people inside and outside the Great Wall are not different from that of Taiwanese compatriots who are willing to come back and temporarily avoid the war.Big thought pressure on the island's huge ideological pressure and force risks of people who are not sad and unprepared will not have to live in the mainland of 31 provinces in the mainland of the mainland in the mainland of the mainland of the mainland of the family in the family of four.If the municipal autonomous region divides 6 million families to 31 Mainland provincial and municipal autonomous regions, to a province of 200,000 households, 60 cities and counties, a county and county, about 3,000 families. I want to operate each county like this.And the city's 3,000 houses are built as a special house for Taiwan compatriots to explain to Taiwanese compatriots that as long as a family that China considers itself to be a Chinese agrees can be filled in the form, there are five choices opportunities when applying for an online application of mainland housing.We are now very good at the policy of shaking the number. If you are originally from Taiyuan, Shanxi or Linyi, Shandong, you can choose a set of your hometown.If you have a policy to go to each family, 5 chances. This house can come to the tourist and see the house to determine that if there is no original status or unwilling to fill in the original status, you can choose 5 houses to participate in the 2 selected by the lottery.The notice of the notice of the notice of the central government after the central government is determined by the central government to issue the specific time of peace and unity.The use of slow -speed household registration and use. This has also formed the competitive relationship of Taiwan compatriots in the execution speed.Just the small dots made the house gap. Some netizens may say that we have not earned a house for a lifetime? You spend the money here to give Taiwan compatriots as good people.It is impossible for a Taiwan compatriots to do not have a specific policy in this house. I ’m not formulating, but there must be Taiwanese compatriots who want to use the right to use the right house on the mainland.Hou Road Mainland China to register a good identity to compile a household registration to issue a real estate certificate. Only the right to use the right to use the right of use.The family who divided the house and temporarily moved to the mainland for half a year or after a year or a year later, a soldier police officer who remained in the Taiwan Island only maintained order and the necessary power plant hospitals and other departments must wear corresponding obvious signs to obey management in accordance with our military's requirements.As soon as the arrangement of the PLA is the island compatriots and the PLA, both worries and concerns are worried and worries and worries.If you can leave back to Taiwan Island, half of the government who entrusts the government to rent a unified rental rent is put into the government's social welfare charitable institutions.No one does not need a house to unify Taiwan compatriots in the morning and evening.Do you have a house that you have come? I don’t believe that how much this matter is not too much. What is not too much is that the Chinese do not come. The self -choice is not forced.Definitely multi -purpose design without candidates and will not be wasted in the future, and the three thousand houses are rented out in the future.The output of the world's integrated circuit is grasped in the era of the original export of 100 million pants to the aircraft in China.Some land avoided the war because most of the Taiwan compatriots were unified in the mainland that the armed extremists who did not be affected to the island to manage resistance did not affect us.It is so easy but not afraid of trouble. Now I worry about it. I have proposed to build a house in Ningxia or Heilongjiang, Xinjiang.The cost pressure spreads the risk and is also limited to the selection of houses and houses in various counties and cities. Taiwan compatriots can see the substitute coupons issued after the real changes in the great changes of the motherland and rural areas.It is not unilaterally thinking that Taiwan compatriots benefit. In the end, these houses will not be empty and waste. If you really want to implement it, naturally there are publicity and organizational registration of online registration.Come to buy a house, why do you give a set of 20 million wow people embroidered with red flags?You don’t have to be jealous, if you ca n’t buy and sell the right to buy and sell, half of the rental fee is returned to the government. Is it really a force to eliminate it? If you can do n’t die, you will come to the island.When you go to the government, the expensive thousands of cheap pieces are not more than 300 yuan. Most of the Shandong Shandong and Shaanxi in the county cities in the county cities.In the counties in Gansu, there are those in the rich places. Do n’t remember the vast majority of the county seats in the county seat. The cheap background compatriots get less than half of the rental income coupon.The policies that the people who spent two unable to lose the right to Taiwan compatriots in the mainland of the mainland also earn a good heart.The fiscal and economic analysis of the construction cost of the division is the state of the country's non -spent temporary downturn.Half of the government's unified rental rental government will be put in the government's social welfare charitable institutions and the collection of money covering the money cover also belongs to the government's social welfare and charity institution.The consumption is not unilaterally thinking that Taiwan compatriots have benefited. In addition, these houses will eventually be wasteful. The design plan will definitely not be wasted when designing and planning.After preparing the unification of the force behind the settlement, who can say what can say? How can there be a cause of how can the Taiwanese compatriots come back and need the Bodhisattva heart and return to safe.You can know that the two alternative selection scheme selected by the use right to use the right to use the notice of the specific time of the central government will be issued by the central government.As a result of the final registration results, another set is that the registration of families with a slow speed is also formed in the execution speed.The real estate certificate issued by the right to use can inherit the registration of the registration identity.If the information is coordinated, it does not delay the establishment of a complete household registration information about Taiwan compatriots on the mainland.The service hook in China is the separate household registration of the household registration in China.It is not a long -term strategy. What I discussed here is that the era of Taiwan compatriots, including the minimum generation of Taiwanese household registration management strategies, is that the development and changes must be paired with the time.The fundamental interests of the people in the country are now the most important maintenance of the long -term stability of Taiwan Province. The central government's successful takeover of Taiwan and facilitating joint management. First of all, I now publish the understanding of the household registration.He Mo's family must be required to have a country's household registration. In order to maintain a balanced development of various regions, everyone with a large population is rich and wealthy.The original intention of forming a communism that does not meet the common development of the slums can see that the household registration system has been existed for thousands of years and will continue to exist in China with a large population.The huge role in actually economic developed areas is equivalent to the existence of household registration management. The sign of civilization is only a poverty -stricken area.A policy is issued to register a fixed household registration for Wanzhuang compatriots settled in the county.Everyone's information registration on the right of power should be detailed in the presented notice with the real estate certificate.Later, the situation that the Taiwan authorities do not cooperate do not affect the receiving job registration of our reception after boarding the island.In the scope of this article, what I said about the takeover of Taiwan Island was rewritten on the lower wall of the lower wall of the lower wall of the mainland, and the government staff of the government and the public security police officers of the neighborhood committee were allowed to allow Taiwan compatriots who lived in the mainland to return to Taiwan Island.The government staff members who are deployed from various counties from the mainland here will definitely be recovered by the original Taiwan household registration management personnel who have returned to the mainland after taking over the Taiwan Island.Because Taiwan compatriots' original health insurance and children's enrollment problems also depend on the original residential household registration management only allows these service attributes to man management.The increase in the population and the reduction of the passports abroad, as well as the Taiwan residential migration of Taiwan compatriots to the place of residence.Taiwan only needs to find the local residential household registration local joint management department to apply for the local joint management department to apply for the local area.This will not be wrong. Taiwan compatriots can still be migrated in Taiwan to change to the residential household registration.The only thing to discuss in the discussion is how to take over how to take over the household registration problem of Taiwan compatriots at the time of unification.It will not bring the chaos and errors in the future. According to the previous changes in the names of the management personnel of the Taiwan authorities, it will be more casual. If a full -time release person in the mainland and the Taiwan compatriots have been married to the Taiwanese residential residence, the name is changed after the name is unified.He couldn't find out that he was a mainland criminal, which caused confusion. In addition, the power of foreigners who want to be citizen cannot be placed in the original Taiwanese residential household registration management department.If you open a casual mouth, you will mess up this plan. This plan is not a long -term plan. With the change of the situation, the government will always have a better and more reasonable plan to come out and keep adjusting to the times.The plan is only to facilitate the acceptance of Taiwan's region to facilitate this management model. It will also be a better basis for ensuring that Changzhuan'an in Taiwan Province.Generally, parents who buy a house in the county seat must also live in the county seat as a good school.Some parents may follow the city that children who have lived in the city after the death in the city have been living in the city for many years.After many years, it will greatly improve the lack of population and county in Japan that will be seen now. Now, for the residence in front of you, a large number of commercial house farmers need to take out all the savings to buy a commercial house. In the long run, it is inappropriate.I will constitute a waste of a house, which will be excessive. I have proposed to build a 3,000 sets of use rights for Taiwan compatriots. In addition to being used as a Taiwan compatriots to avoid war, there are some reasons.The farmers need to go to school in the county seat can turn on this waste.This belongs to the plan of ahead and should not waste money and wealth. It is too unfortunate to have a vacant uninvited mixed -mixed -earth building after serving the public.If you do n’t, the psychological expectation of the price of commercial housing in the county seat is a decline. This is a good thing to protect the security of the bank and the flow of funds into the real physical enterprise.Anticipate
Based on the use of real estate use rights, peace and unifying Taiwan's discussion of the design and planning exploration of multi -functional houses in the new plan
Note: This series of articles are divided into three articles in the first article to introduce the overall introduction of this solution and the solution to the fixed nationality of Taiwan compatriots and renting them to the county seat to accompany the family as a turnover house.Two articles on the function and design planning of multi -functional houses. Introduction. The third article is introduced to the fiscal analysis of the construction of such houses.
The plan explores virtual design boldly assumes that be careful to verify and attract the jade, combination and peace of mind, peaceful reunification, and unified the world As mentioned earlier, the house is about three thousand sets. After that, the site selection is that the planning for management must be gathered together but not completely gathering and integrating my thinking.If there is a sudden situation, the rest of the real estate that has not been built can no longer be built.There is a relatively independent community around the wall. For example, for example, according to the four -mouth home, considering the large point of large 100 square meters of large 100 -square -draws in the house in the house area of Xinjiang in the house area of Xinjiang.There is a gap between the house in the square in the square, and the two rooms with two rooms are different in each floor. Most of the three -bedroom three -bedroom three -bedroom rooms are one -sixth in the four rooms.The high -rise floor of the six -house building on the high -rise floor of the elevator with an elevator is about 100 households with about 100 households. One community unit with a wall with a fence has completed the 3,000 sets of tasks.It takes 5 buildings to count a community unit. Because the community unit is a rectangle, the open space of a rectangle is just left to build a basketball court to build a basketball court.The other five buildings that are not in the internal space of the community are downstairs.What do you do for the underground parking lot? Who is the car parking? This is how my goal is that these houses that the government that will not be wasted after the Taiwan compatriots will eventually rent out the government can rent it to the countryside.The farmers needed to go to school can turn on this wasting rental rent. It is estimated that the thousands of remote and cheap in the county seat of the big cities will not exceed 4,500 yuan.There are many running back and forth in the countryside of the county seat. There are many car buying cars. At least, there is a car that runs out to work.When buying a new car, buying a new small truck or a van will be 30,000 to 40,000 yuan for migrant workers' tiles of 300 or more.