Today is the coldest day in Shanghai?The winter solstice tomorrow is colder, and the suburbs will fall to -7 ℃
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TheHigh-speed information website Shanghai Meteorological Department predicts that the lowest temperature in the urban area on the day of the morning is about minus 4 ° C, with frozen, and the suburbs of minus 7 ° C to minus 5 ° C. There will be severe freezing, and the temperature in the second half of the year will be refreshed again.

On December 21, 2023, in Shanghai, children wore down jackets and scarves, wrapped tightly to school.Surging News reporter Zhu Weihui Picture

Today (December 21),The temperature of the entire weather is below the freezing point, and the maximum temperature is only 0.5 ° C.The highest temperature in most parts of the city is also at this level, and the temperature of the Pudong New District alone is above zero.

Shanghai's instantaneous temperature at 10:48 on December 21, the temperature map has been "frozen purple".Shanghai weather release map

Some netizens said, "Today is the coldest day", however, tomorrow (December 22) will be colder.The Shanghai Center Meteorological Observatory continued to release a low -temperature yellow warning signal at 17:05 on the 21st.

Due to the control of the air -conditioning group, the superimposed radiation cooling effect is expected to be about minus 4 ° C in the urban area of Shanghai in the soon morning, and there are frozen. The suburbs are severely frozen between minus 7 ° C and minus 5 ° C.Tomorrow day is sunny to cloudy, the highest temperature can slowly rise to near 1 ° C.The wind in the northwest has a slight reduction. At level 4-5, it will be better in physical sensation, but it is still frozen and frozen.

Tomorrow will also enter the "Winter Solstice" in the twenty -four solar terms, and start "counting nine cold days".Faced with one of the solar terms with the most cold warnings throughout the year, the thickest clothes have to continue to wear.

On Sunday, Shanghai is clear to cloudy, the lowest temperature is still below the freezing point, the temperature will rise slowly during the day, and the highest temperature on Sunday is around 7 ° C.Both holidays have decreased wind, and the body feel is relatively warm.The temperature in the countryside is lower than the urban area. Pay more attention to keeping warm when sweeping the winter solstice. At the same time, the weather is dry. Pay attention to the safety of fire electricity.