2024 Sports New Year, the competition is wonderful and continuous
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  Reporter Liu Jingtao

  2024 is 突发新闻the "Sports New Year". In addition to the world's largest comprehensive sports meeting -the 33rd Summer Olympic Games will be held in Paris, France, a single world top event will be staged one after another.Many cities in my country will hold international events. Chinese sports enthusiasts can not only chase the competition through the Internet and television, but also come to the scene to cheer for the athletes.

  For Chinese football fans, the Qatar Men's Asian Cup is undoubtedly the most watched event in January. The Chinese men's football team is in Group A. The group opponent is the host Qatar, Lebanon and Tajikistan.The fierce fighting in the snow and ice season is now. The ice and snow competition represented by the Jiangyuan Winter Youth Olympic Games in South Korea and the Fully Skating Four Continental Championships in Shanghai will be held one after another.

  The 14th National Winter Games will be held in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region from February 17th to 27th. This is the first national winter project in the Beijing Winter Olympics.176 small items.Another event that has attracted much attention from Chinese people -the group World Table Tennis Championships will be held in Busan, South Korea on February 16.The Chinese men's basketball and women's basketball team also have their own tasks in February. The women's basketball team will participate in the Paris Olympic qualification competition Xi'an Station, fighting for the Olympic "tickets", and the men's basketball team will play in the Mongolian team, away and away and away in the Asian Cup qualifiers.Japanese team game.

  Entering March, the National Football Team will work for the World Cup "tickets". They will play the main and away game with the Singapore team in two rounds in the World Top 36 competition in Asia.This month, a single international event is relatively "tie". The indoor track and field World Championships, speed skating World Championships, badminton National British Open, short track speed skating World Championships, Falter Skating World Championships, etc. will continue. In addition, the Chinese Super League in the new season alsoIt is planned to be unveiled this month.

  The Chinese male and female ice hockey teams will play in the ice hockey Championships in April.In the Female Bing World Championships group A in last year, the Chinese team won the championship in the five games and returned to the top group of the World Championships after 14 years.Chinese male ice will participate in the World Championships Grade A B.The Tengyou Cup team in the badminton project will be held in Chengdu, China this month.

  The Chinese Women's Volleyball Team will play international events in May and participate in the World Women's Volleyball League, Brazil's Rio de Janeiro Station and Macau Station.

  After two top 36 games with the Singapore team in March, the National Football Team will confront two other opponents Thailand and South Korea in June.

  Summer is approaching. This year's most heavy World Comprehensive Games -the Paris Olympic Games will kick off on July 26. The current Olympic Games will have 32 major items and 329 small items. Chinese sports athletes will be brave on the Olympic stage.Strive gold and silver.

  With this year's Wimbledon and the US Open, the tennis competition has entered the "China season". Among them, the Chinese Tennis Open Golden Autumn September will be staged in Beijing.In October, the two high -level events of the ATP Shanghai Tennis Masters and the WTA Tour Wuhan Station will also attract the attention of world tennis fans.

  In November, the Chinese men's basketball team will play again in the Asian Cup qualifiers. First, play the Guanjima team at home, and then challenge the Mongolian team away.

  The weather turns cold, entering the new ice and snow season, speed skating World Cup Beijing Station and Short -speed Speed Skating World Cup Beijing Station will be carried out in the last two months of this year.

  (Beijing Daily)

  In 2023, China Aerospace handed out a dazzling transcript.In 2024, the China Space Station, which enters the stage of application and development, will usher in a new "visitor". Chang'e 6 will bring the soil on the back of the moon back to the earth for the first time. Commercial spaces are expected to continue good development momentum ... China Aerospace will continue to be wonderful,Continuous innovation has made new contributions to promoting the progress of human civilization and enhancing the common well -being of human beings.

  "Tiangong" will usher in 4 launch

  Since entering the China Space Station on October 26, 2023, in a blink of an eye, the "Disposal Journey" of the 6 -month space station of Shenzhou 17 has completed about 1/3.For more than two months, three astronauts from Tang Hongbo, Tang Shengjie, and Jiang Xinlin successively completed the established tasks such as platform maintenance, scientific experiments, the first out of the cabin for heaven and core cabin solar wings.During the rail, the "Space Vegetable Garden" in the space station was hospitable. The astronauts were picked up and tasting vegetables jointly cultivated by two multiplication groups, and they were encapsulated separately.Next, the Shenzhou 17 multiplication group will also carry out a series of space station tasks as planned.

  In 2024, China Manned Aerospace will implement 4 flight missions, namely Tianzhou VII freight spacecraft, Shenzhou No. 18 manned spacecraft, Tianzhou 8 freight ships and Shenzhou 19 manned spacecraft.Among them, Shenzhou 18 and Shenzhou 19 multiplication group consist of 3 astronauts.This means that this year's space station will be staged twice in the rail "change", and six astronauts will enter the "Space House" one after another.

  According to reports, Tianzhou 7 and Tianzhou -8 freight ships will be connected to the port of Tianhe's core compartment after the launch of the Wenchang space launch site.Shenzhou 18 and Shenzhou 19 manned spacecraft will be launched at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. The former is connected to the radial port of Tianhe's core cabin after launch, and the latter is connected to the front port of Tianhe's core cabin after launch.

  At present, the Tianzhou VII freight ship and the Long March VII Launar Rockets have arrived at the Wenchang Aerospace launcher. They are undergoing assembly and testing, waiting for the launch at the beginning of the year.

  Starting from the Tianzhou 6 launched in 2023, the Tianzhou freight ship has adopted an improved cargo cabin, and the loading space has increased by about 24%, and the loading weight has increased by about 22%. From the previous 6.9 tons to 7.4 tons, it is the world. It is the world. It is the world.One of the most capable freight shipping ships.

  With the accumulation of mission during the construction stage, the supply efficiency of Tianzhou freight ships has been continuously improved.According to reports, the upward volume of the rail inventory and freight ships when the Tianzhou VII was launched, and it can support the astronauts to take a group for 1 year.Therefore, the material supply during the launch of Tianzhou VII can support the two astronauts of Shenzhou No. 17 and No. 18 to perform the task in the rail.

  Chang'e 6 will take the month to take the month

  In 2023, China launched the mission of the moon landing on the moon landing detection project. It plans to achieve the first time the Chinese landed in the moon by 2030.According to the National Space Administration, Around 2024, the Lieutenant Communications Satellite and Chang'e -6 Lunar Lunar Detector of the Lieutenant Communications of Qiaqiao will be launched.

  The monthly exploration journey of Chang'e 6 has recently been shortlisted for the annual concerns released by foreign media such as "Nature" magazine and the New York Times.So far, the 10 moon sampling returns that human beings have been carried out are located on the front of the moon. The overall back of the moon is older than the front of the moon, and the Eitken Basin, one of the three major lunar areas, has important scientific research value.Chang'e -6 mission pre -selected the landing area and chose the Eitken Basin in order to discover and collect moon samples of different regions and ages to enhance human perception of the moon.

  In terms of international cooperation, the Chang'e Sixth Mission is equipped with the load and satellite projects of 4 countries such as French pyrine detectors, negative ion detectors of the European and Air Bureau, Italian laser horn reflex mirrors, and cubic stars in Pakistan.

  In order to successfully complete the communications between the moon back spacecraft and the earth, China ’s newly developed Lieutenant Communication Satellite Satellite is planned to be launched in the first half of 2024.After the completion of the Chang'e -6 mission, the No. 2 of Qiaqiao will choose to adjust the track and continue to provide services for Chang'e VII, Chang'e 8 and subsequent lunar detection missions.At the same time, the No. 2 of the Qiaqiao will also be relayed to the Lizhong Bridge to provide relay communication services for Chang'e -4 and Yutu 2nd, which detects the moon back.In addition, the No. 2 of Qiaqiao also carries a scientific detection mission.

  At present, China is accelerating the scientific engineering of the International Moon Scientific Research Station, jointly expanding the human cognitive territory with relevant countries, international organizations and international partners, and contributing to the use of space and promoting the construction of a community of human destiny.

  Commercial aerospace innovation development

  Recently, Hainan International Commercial Aerospace Launch Center No. 1 launch stations have been officially completed, which marks key progress in China's first commercial aerospace launch site in the process of forming launch capability.

  Hainan International Commercial Aerospace Launch Center is located in Wenchang City, Hainan Province. Its No. 1 launching station is a dedicated station of the new -generation medium -sized Rocket Long March 8 in China.EssenceCompared with traditional launch stations, it has canceled the diversion groove and the use of modular steel structure launch tower schemes, which shorten the construction cycle by half.

  In 2024, Hainan International Commercial Space Launch Center is expected to usher in the first commercial launch.At the same time, the launch station No. 2 of the launch center has also completed the main body of the diversion slot. It is planned to complete the equipment on -site installation and debugging at the end of May 2024.

  In recent years, China's commercial aerospace has developed rapidly.The Central Economic Work Conference held in 2023 proposed to build a number of strategic emerging industries such as commercial aerospace.In 2023, Suzaku No. 2 Yao II and Yaoyan Three Rockets successfully launched, becoming the world's first liquid oxygenum rocket to send loads to the scheduled orbit.The dual curve 2 can be reused to use the liquid oxygne methane verification rocket's second flight test task.

  In 2024, Chinese commercial aerospace is expected to continue its stunning performance.This year, the Suzaku No. 2 Rockets plans to implement three launch, which will increase the rocket capacity through over -cold additional injection technology, engine thrust improvement, and two -level engine ignition technology, thereby reducing the cost of entering the track per kilogram of load.The double -curve No. 2 is planned to conduct a recycling test at sea in 2024 to prepare for the first fly at the end of 2025.

  "People's Daily Overseas Edition" (No. 09, January 03, 2024)

  You can consume 400,000 degrees of green electricity every year and reduce carbon emissions by about 241 tons

  Where is the "virtual power plant" smart?

  Reporter Chen Qiang Correspondent Nie Tangming Li Jiaxing

  On the banks of the Grand Canal, the State Grid Beijing Tongzhou Power Supply Company has a "virtual power plant".It does not have boilers and chimneys. The entire "power generation process" relies on smart system algorithms.With the "virtual power plant", the urban auxiliary center can eliminate 400,000 degrees of green electricity each year and reduce carbon emissions by about 241 tons, which is equivalent to the annual carbon reduction of 126 acres of artificial forests to help the construction of the national green development demonstration zone.

  Entering the "virtual power plant" lobby, a large screen is referred to as a big screen.The engineer opened the smart power control platform, and a series of nouns such as distributed power supply and controlling loads were all visually displayed, and the data was dazzling.Without boilers and chimneys, where do these electricity come from?Wu Bo, a staff member of the Energy Office of the Tongzhou District Urban Management Commission, introduced that accurately regulating the scattered power load in the region is equivalent to building a new virtual power plant on the system.

  Although it is still in the trial operation phase, the "virtual power plant" of the sub -center has already connected the industrial plant areas, commercial buildings and other large power users, as well as the three super load aggregates of Chinese businessmen.There are 50,000 kilowatts.At the end of the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan", the regulatable power load will increase to 100,000 kilowatts, accounting for about 5%of the maximum power of the entire auxiliary center.

  Where is the "virtual power plant" smart?The engineer gave an example.For example, the cold wave strikes and the north wind blows. There will be a lot of wind power in Zhangjiakou, Hebei. The smart power control platform will allow large power users and load aggregates to access the system to use green power priority to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction.According to statistics, after having a "virtual power plant", the sub -center can consume more than 400,000 degrees of green electricity each year.In response to the "coal -to -electricity" heating user consumes a lot of electricity in winter, in order to prevent tension in local areas, the platform will issue invitations in advance. Organizing the power users who connect the system in the tissue area will use electricity to use electricity, and reduce power consumption power during peak hours.

  The reporter found that after accessing the "virtual power plant", the boundaries between power producers and consumers are no longer as clear as usual, and the two seem to form a huge "power bank".Engineers said that, for example, new energy vehicles and network charging piles are connected to the "virtual power plant", and electric vehicles can not only charge on the charging pile, but also have the ability to reverse power supply to the power grid when the hardware conditions permit.Each electric car is like a small "charging treasure". Normally, insert a charging gun to charge; when the power grid needs, the power of the power battery can be released to the power grid and obtained economic compensation.

  How can users who want to help the construction of the national green development demonstration zone be connected to the "virtual power plant"?According to reports, qualified users or aggregates first need to register on the "virtual power plant" platform and sign an agreement.The Tongzhou District Government will entrust the district power company to provide a invitation through the operation of the Tongzhou Power Grid and through the platform to initiate a invitation. Users can decide whether to participate in this demand response according to their own electricity conditions.

  (Source: Beijing Daily)

  The Chinese Football Association restarts the winter training of young people in the country -the youth training of the football to say no

  Recently, in order to condense the consensus of "youth training", deploying and promoting the national football youth training in 2024, the Chinese Football Association held a national winter training meeting in Beijing after many years.The meeting proposed that the national football field should put young football, especially youth training, in the primary position.

  Song Kai, chairman of the Chinese Football Association, frankly said: "Young people's football work must be transformed from emergency effort to long -term benefits, work ideas must be shifted from re -competition organizations to paying attention to the quality of youth training, and from re -competition results to paying attention to the cultivation of coaches and players."

  At this winter training mobilization meeting, the participants agreed that it was urgent to improve the quality and level of the training of Chinese football youth."China’ s football professional reform has been more than 30 years old, but it is still difficult in the international football field. It is precisely because the quality of training in youth football is still not high, the youth training system is not complete, the management system is unreasonable, and the cultural and ideological education of youth player needs to be strengthened urgently.The situation objectively restricts the improvement of the national team. "Song Kai said.

  During the meeting, local football associations and clubs fully discussed the current problems of the youth training of football.The problem generally points to the two aspects: lack of high -level coaches, and the event system and training methods need to be adjusted.

  Yu Zhenhai, coach of Nantong Zhiyun Football Club, believes that most of the current domestic youth trains coaches are retired players. Their cultural knowledge is generally weak, theoretical learning has been limited, and the communication ability with young people is often lacking.

  Related data show that as of 2019, the number of B, C, and D -level coaches with adolescents as the main service objects is nearly 40,000.People in the industry believe that this number is difficult to meet the needs of the rapid growth of campus football, social football and professional clubs.At the same time, there is a large gap between the level of domestic youth training coaches and foreign young coaches.

  In terms of training methods, Wang Tingting, coach of Guangzhou Football Club, believes that the current youth training often imitate adult player training and has an premature professional tendency."I think youth training is not a replica of adult training. Fun is the source of power. To create an environment where players are not afraid of making mistakes, try to not emphasize their results in the low age group."

  How to solve the problems existing in the field of Chinese football training, many people in the industry also gave their suggestions.

  The Chinese Football Association coach lecturer Bo believes that in order to improve the level of youth training, the key is to strengthen the training of coaches as the core, continue to improve the coach training system structure, and promote high -level coaches to enter the youth training at the youth training.Give play to the role of youth training colleges and youth training centers.

  Secondly, youth training training methods need to be adjusted urgently.Wang Tingting believes that technology is the basis of tactics. At the age of low age, we must especially strengthen technical training.

  Many people responsible for youth training believe that the sense of responsibility and dedication of front -line coaches is very important. It is necessary to create conditions to guide more football talents to take root at the grassroots level and cultivate youth training."Young training can train a group of people. It may take ten years, and the coach must be lonely. For example, winter training takes two or three months to not go home. It is not good to have no faith and responsibility."Director Xie Gener told reporters.

  In addition, the guarantee of youth training funds is urgent to strengthen, introducing social capital or one of the solutions.The reporter learned that current youth training funds from the Football Association and local sports departments are generally not enough to support the operation of the youth training center, and there is still a small gap compared with the high investment in advanced national youth training.

  Relevant person in charge of the Chinese Football Association said that the resumed and organized winter training of national youth is an important measure for the Chinese Football Association to improve the level of juvenile training and will also become a normalized work in the future.In order to effectively ensure the training effect and effectively improve the management level, the Chinese Football Association will set up a youth winter training work supervision expert group and go to various places for inspection.

  (Source: Workers Daily)

  "Huayin Feiyang" 2023 Global Chinese Youth Available Music Show was successfully held ——

  Feel the beauty of Chinese culture in colorful notes (follow the attention of overseas Chinese)

  A few days ago, the "Huayin Feiyang" 2023 Chinese Chinese Youth Youth Music Show, hosted by the China Chinese Education Foundation, came to an end.Since the launch of the event in September 2023, more than 400 Chinese religion institutions from 30 countries have selected more than 400 works to participate in the show.Chinese people from all over the world show their love for Chinese music through the musical instruments in their hands, and to appreciate the colorful Chinese culture in colorful notes.

  Understand a window of Chinese culture

  "Our school selected a total of 11 works to participate in the exhibition. The children were very enthusiastic and wanted to show their own learning results." Zhang Jin and the reporter of the Chinese Huaxia Culture School in Australia and Australia talked about organizing students to participate in "Huayin Feiyang "2023 The global Chinese youth instrumental exhibition is full of relief and pride.

  In the award list released by the China Chinese Education Foundation, the two Guzheng and collective groups selected by the Australian and Australian Huaxia Culture School won the highest award "Huayin Feiyang Award" from the youth group and collective group, respectively.Among them, Gao Fei, a Chinese boy who won the "Huayin Feiyang Award" of the youth group, was 15 years old.In the video of the participating works, he was wearing a blue embroidered Jinshan outfit and played a richest song "The Sun Red on the Jinggang Mountain" with a skilled technique.In another video of self -introduction, Gao Feixiang not only introduced the history and characteristics of Guzheng in Chinese and English bilingual, but also used guzheng to imitate the sound of many Chinese and Western instruments such as harp, guqin, pipa, piano, guitar, etc.Creative.

  "Although this group of Chinese teenagers grew up overseas, they all love Chinese culture. Learning Chinese ethnic musical instruments such as Guzheng opened a new window for them to understand Chinese culture. They have a stronger sense of recognition and pride in Chinese culture."Zhang Jin said.

  Cai Xueling, president of the Chinese National Youth Association of the United States, has the same feelings: "Our association selected the works of 18 students to participate in this instrumental performance, including Guzheng, Erhu, Zhong Ruan and other Chinese ethnic musical instruments.Children are a good motivation. For children, Chinese national musical instruments have a unique charm, which can narrow their emotional distance between their inner heart to China and Chinese culture. "

  Luo Hugo, the youngest son of Luo Jian, the principal of the French Panda School, was 7 and a half years old and learned Guqin for half a year.Speaking of his son's piano interesting things, Luo Jian laughed. For this mixed -race child in China, Guqin seemed to have a magical appeal."Hugo is very interested in Guqin. He practiced the piano every day, and even often took the initiative to work with himself. As long as he practiced the piano, he would be quiet and immersed in the sound of the piano.He will pull his father to search for Guqin related knowledge online. This time, the panda school selected more than 10 works to participate in the show, of which Hugo and two other older children performed Guqin's "Lanxin Qin"."Luo Jian said.

  "The purpose of the China Chinese Education Foundation is to promote Chinese culture, develop Chinese education, and promote Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges. Music is an important cultural carrier and a language commonly used in different ethnic groups in the world. We hope to hold an instrumental exhibition activity, oneOn the one hand, the level of instrumental performance of global Chinese teenagers is displayed. On the other hand, through their performance and interpretation of music works, they show the ups and downs of the global Chinese teenagers and the increasingly strong cultural self -confidence. "According to this reporter, 2023 is the second time that the foundation organizes "Huayin Feiyang" Global Chinese Youth Electric Inspection Show.There are more strength. There are still many Chinese teenagers who have participated in the competition for two consecutive years. The performance level has improved significantly. The outstanding performance has made the judges shine. "

  The messenger to promote Chinese and foreign music exchanges

  In the works selected by the National Chinese Youth Association, Chinese girl Zhang Xilin performed the traditional Chinese minor "Zizhu Tune", the theme song "Always in the same" of the Japanese animation movie, and the "Lami Dance" created by TchaikovskyWaiting for the three music to show the beauty of Chinese and foreign music to the fullest.

  Zhang Xilin's mother told reporters that Ruan Ruan has been studying for more than half a year during his 10 -year -old Zhang Xilin."Before, the child had been learning piano. Once a chance, she watched the performance of the California Youth Civilian Orchestra, and became interested in Chinese national musical instruments. Then she participated in the 6 -week summer project held by the California Youth Civil Band.The Chinese school I studied in the Chinese school has selected folk music -related after -school interest classes. After a period of study, Xilin was fortunate to be invited to participate in the annual performance of the California Youth Folk Orchestra in 2023. Unlike the piano solo she used toWith the cooperation, she feels that the sound of different musical instruments is very wonderful. In the process of learning folk music, she also learned that the ancient Silk Road had an important impact on the cultural exchanges between Eastern and Western music and cultural exchanges.Language. "Zhang Xilin's mother said.

  Yu Xiao said that in this instrumental exhibition, there are many works that integrate Chinese and Western music elements."Some children use Chinese national musical instruments to perform Western famous songs, while some children play Chinese classic songs with Western musical instruments. In fact, the history of Chinese and foreign music exchanges is long.Music talents show the harmonious blending between different cultures with the musical instruments in their hands. "Yu Xiao said.

  According to Liu Ahe, the principal of the Chinese School of Seville, a 10 -year -old Chinese boy from the school, Zhou Yueteng, won the gold award of the Children's Group, is the famous song "Fire Fire Fire" created by Chinese musician He Luting with the piano.

  Zhou Yueteng's father, Zhou Zhenzhen, told reporters that the child took more than half a month to practice "Pan Pan Pan"."This piano song created in 1934 is a masterpiece of combining Western music theory and Chinese music tradition. 2023 is exactly the 120th anniversary of Mr. He Luting's birthday, which is very memorable. In order to allow children to better understand this song,My wife collected a lot of information from the Internet and explained the creative background of "Fire Fire Fire" to the child. In 2022, the child participated in the first instrumental performance and played the Qinghai folk song "Four Seasons" with a violin.The works also played the Chinese music "Girls of the Sheep" with the violin and won the silver award. These two experiences greatly inspired the enthusiasm of children to learn the piano and understand Chinese culture. He said that he would continue to participate in the show in 2024 to strive for a betterPerformance. "Sunday said.

  In Sydney, Australia, Gao Feixiang and her sister Gao Feixue often played the role of cultural messengers, showing the charm of Chinese national musical instruments to the local people.Gao Feixue won the Gold Award of the Young Group in this instrumental exhibition.Their mother Xia Fei introduced that the two children have studied Guzheng for nearly 9 years and are currently studying at the Sydney Academy of Music."Although the children mainly repair the piano at the school, they have never given up studying Guzheng. Until now, they have insisted on regularly to learn from the Central Conservatory of Music, Professor Zhou Wang and Chinese young player Wang Yan.They will all play Guzheng on the stage, and have performed on behalf of the school many times in the cultural exchange activities of multi -ethnicity. The audience often said that the sound of empty piano from China refreshed their awareness of Chinese music, which is amazing.At the time, the children were particularly proud and dared to make bold fusion attempts on East and West music. "Xia Fei said.

  Provide more channels to approach China

  Recently, Australian Chinese girl He Yiyuan came to China and participated in the cultural experience activities of overseas Chinese elite youths hosted by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Jiangsu Province and hosted by the Jiangsu Provincial Maritime Federation."In the past three years, Yuan Yuan has been studying Chinese and Chinese cultural courses organized by overseas Chinese affairs departments from all over the country.The music of the ethnic minorities. In this instrumental exhibition, the Guzheng reunion "Liu Jing's Dance" she participated in the collective group 'Huayin Feiyang Award'. I believe that when I go to China, I will go on the spot and take a look.And Chinese culture has a more synonymous cognition, which can also help her better understand the Chinese nation music she has performed. "He Jianyuan's mother He Jiayi said.

  "Overseas Chinese teenagers can learn Chinese culture through a variety of ways. We often encourage children to combine the Chinese, ancient poems, Chinese music, and vision in China to fully perceive China and feel Chinese culture." ZhangJin said.

  Nowadays, many overseas Chinese education institutions have excavated resources and set up platforms to allow Chinese young people to learn more about Chinese national music, and further enhance their recognition of Chinese culture through music bridges.

  "In France, Chinese national music is very popular. Previously, 4 Chinese folk musicians from Paris came to Lyon where the Panda School was located and performed a variety of instruments such as Guzheng, Erhu, Pipa.It is full. My younger son and many children are being made by the Chinese ethnic instrumental music 'in that performance. At present, our school offers the Guqin courses and will further excavate the resources of Chinese folk teachers in Lyon in the future.Rich Chinese ethnic instrumental teaching classes meet children's learning needs. "Luo Jian said.

  Cai Xueling plans to release the outstanding works of this exhibition in the Chinese electronic journal "Bud" of the Student Chinese Electronic Journal of the National American Youth Association, showing more people to show the style of Chinese youths."In the past three years, our association has organized more than 10,000 Chinese people in the United States to participate in more than 80 issues held by China.The Miao nationality such as Lusheng and other Chinese ethnic minorities have the opportunity to learn about Chinese folk music and folk songs with domestic professional music teachers. I believe that these experiences will broadcast the seeds of Chinese culture in children's hearts. "Cai Xueling said.

  Yu Xiao said that in the future, the Chinese Chinese Education Foundation will consider organizing overseas Chinese teenagers who have won awards in the instrumental exhibition to come to China to exchange and discuss with domestic music -loving youths and enhance friendship.