Asian Cup dynamics!Liba Mei announced the list of 29 people, and naturally 1 person stays in foreign countries. Be careful in the national football team
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Original title: Asian Cup News!Liba Mei announced the list of 29 people, and naturally 1 person stays in foreign countries. Be careful in the national football team

The time is getting closer to the Asian Cup, and the players selected for the National Football Team are also gathered according to the plan.It is understood that 21 people have gathered in Shanghai. Wei Shihao, Wang Qiubing, Li Ke, Jiang Guangtai, and Wu Shaocong will fly directly from overseas Abu Dhabi, and then all 26 people in the National Football Team have gathered in planning.Although there are no players such as Fisan Duo, Exsson, Huang Zichang, etc., the Asian Cup competition of the National Football Team still has to continue.At the same time, several opponents of the national football team were also gathered, and new dynamics were exposed.

On December 18, 2023, the domestic media "Sports Weekly" reporter Madexing reported the latest developments in the Asian Cup opponent.This year's Asian Cup, the national football team is the same as Tagikistan, Qatar, and Liba.According to reports, this time Liba Megang announced the list of 29 people, including a forward forwards that have just completed naturalization and two players who stayed overseas overseas.This time the Liba Mei team will gather on the 19th and then fly to Doha on January 1 next year.On January 17 next year, the National Football Team will be against Liba Mei.

At present, the national football team is ranked 79th in the world, and Liba Mei ranks 107th in the world.It can be seen that the national football team has an advantage in strength.However, the state of the national football team is good, and it will lose to foreign countries without paying attention, and even suddenly lower its lower limit.Now Wu Lei is older, Wei Shihao is difficult to support, and Zhang Yuning has not recovered. Betterized players such as Huang Zichang, Feinan Duo, and Exsson have not been selected as a big list.In addition, this time Liba Mei also has naturalized and foreign players, so we can't take it lightly in the face of Liba Mei.

According to reports, this time Libabeli chose 29 players, including one naturalization and 2 stayed players.The naturalized player Leonardo Farah Samson returned to the election. He just completed the naturalization procedure and played for the Swedish team Farkenburg. He was a striker and has a strong impact.On the other hand, Basel Jaradi stayed abroad in a foreign Bangkok wing, and Omar Sabbita played in AFC Winbolden in the England team. The two Leba Mei stayed in the abroad.The above three players are the objects that need to be followed.