The Russian drone shocked NATO airspace, provoking the country has retreated
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Original title: Russia drone shocked NATO airspace,时事热点 provoking the country has retreated

Recently, a sudden change in the world has attracted widespread attention globally.According to reliable sources, the Russian military successfully shot down a drone that broke into NATO in a military operation.This incident not only shocked the international community, but also made those countries that once arrogant and tried to challenge the Russian bottom line.

In this war, the United States and its European allies have always stood firmly in Ukraine and implemented a series of severe sanctions on Russia.However, with the continuity of the war, the situation in Ukraine has changed significantly.As Western countries' military assistance in Ukraine gradually decreased, the war was gradually moving towards a endless ending of Europeans -Putin won.

This situation has made European countries deeply feel uneasy, and they began to realize that the Ukraine conflict may bring serious threats to NATO countries.In this case, the attitudes of those countries that once provoked Russia have changed, and they began to realize that confrontation with powerful Russia is not a wise choice.As a result, these countries have shrunk to avoid conflicts with Russia.

In short, the incident of Russian drone shocked NATO airspace showed that in this world full of political struggles and military conflicts, no country can be alone.In order to avoid being unable to pass their face, the United States and European countries have repeatedly emphasized that "Putin is not allowed to win."However, the reality allows them to re -examine their positions and policies.In this process, those countries that were once arrogant and finally realized the consequences of confrontation with strong opponents, and they chose to retreat to avoid greater losses.

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