The Australian man took a 10 -year -old son to drive a plane. As a result, he accidentally hit the wires and the plane fell.
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  According to reports,一线资讯 a pair of father and son from New South Wales, Australia died unfortunately after the plane crashed.At that time, the 30 -year -old Ryancock Schosshn and his 10 -year -old son drove a small plane and accidentally hit a set of wires and crashed the aircraft fire.

  It is understood that after the incident of the father and son, the emergency service personnel, medical staff, police, and the National Emergency Service Bureau rushed to the scene, hoping to save them, but unfortunately, the two were announced to die at the scene.

  Acting Inspector Aaron Wans Hiko said: "A casual aircraft sandwiched a transmission line and then crashed on the Clarence River. Unfortunately, the plane was getting angry after impact."

  The airport manager of Nangang Flying Club Stevellaes expressed his condolences. He said that Ryan would go to the club four to five times a week. This time, he and his son were very happy before entering the journey.Steve said that the two were enthusiastic pilots, and Ryan's son often flew with his father. He said: "I feel heartbreaking for his partner. This is what she can never overcome."