In 1981, Brezhnev mobilized 500,000 military military exercises, why can't the Soviet Union still not save the Soviet Union?
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Original title: In 1981,First-line information website Brezhnev mobilized 500,000 military military exercises, why can't the Soviet Union still not save the Soviet Union?

One day in early September 1981, Reagan, who was on vacation in Sanbashadels, California, was awakened by an emergency phone. National Security Consultant Richard Allen told him that there was a big deal in the Soviet Union. This sudden news caused ReaganShocked and happy, the Soviet Union finally couldn't help but be going to shoot. The US Soviet Universal hegemony should be able to divide the victory and defeat soon.A vast 81 -military exercise was made soundly. Because the situation was too sudden, Reagan didn't figure out how to deal with it for a while. At this time, he may not know that although this vigorous military exercise was only 8 days,However, it has affected the United States and even the world for decades. Until 40 years later, when Western countries remembered again when this exercise was still worried, why did the Soviet Union organize such a huge 81 military exercise?What impact does this military exercise have on the world?

On March 5, 1946, British Prime Minister Churchill delivered an iron curtain lecture on anti -Soviet and anti -communism at the Westminster College of Fulton City, USA.A new pattern of the Cold War between the Lord's socialist camp. In 1949, in Washington, the United States presided over Western European countries to sign a joint agreement and set up a NATO Anti -Socialist camp.The two -pole pattern was formally formed, and the Cold War began to enter the fierce stage.

The first stage of the Cold War of the United States and the Soviet Union was the US attack Su Shou. Due to a wave of war bonus in World War II, and the casualties during the anti -shaft country were not too great, the United States always maintained abundant energy after more than ten years after the war.The Soviet Union was injured due to the fierce Soviet -German war, and the country was almost paralyzed. Although the Soviet Union did his best after the war, he could divide the autumn color with the United States.The diplomatic strategy implemented by the Soviet Union has always been curb, that is, to comprehensively curb the expansion of the Soviet forces at every place and every level, it is not reversed until the end of the 1960s.

The ten years from the late 1960s to the early 1980s are the most confused and helpless for Americans for more than ten years. Due to the rapid rise of Japan and Western Europe, the status of the United States in the capitalist world has begun to decline rapidly in the capitalist world.In 1965, Japan achieved a surplus of trade with the United States for the first time. In 1970, the GDP of 15 European Communities had exceeded one -third of the United States. At the same time as economic development, Europe and Japan demanded independence and independent decision -making internal and foreign affairs.The call is getting higher and higher, and the United States has difficulty to suppress the appearance of these sounds.

In the 1960s and 1970s, due to the rampant market of Japanese goods, Americans were angry and smashed Nissan

And what makes Americans despair is still later. In the mid -to -late 1960s, in order to quickly resolve North Vietnam, the United States dispatched 50%of the ground forces, 20%of the Air Force and 25%of the Navy. Except for strategic nuclear weapons, the U.S. forces almost everythingModern and conventional weapons have been moved to the Vietnamese battlefield, but even so, Americans still cannot see the signs of victory on the battlefield, but brought more casualties. When Nixon came to power, the number of U.S. troops killed in the Vietnam War had reached the reaching reachedMore than 31,000, at the same time, the American people who were also tortured like a bottomless military expenditure were exhausted. In 1965, the U.S. military required an average of $ 2 million in military expenses on the Vietnamese battlefield per day. In 1966, it rose to $ 7 million, and in 1967From the year to 1968, due to the entry of the Vietnam War, the Japanese tolls of the US military soared to $ 100 million, and the US fiscal deficit rose. In 1971, the United States even had negative economic growth.The United States in the 1960s and 1970s had lost in the Cold War, and it was completely lost. So what was the actual situation of the Soviet Union at that time?

Japanese women sweep the goods in San Francisco

In 1953, Khrushchev took a series of measures to successfully achieve several five -year plans after taking office, so that the Soviet economy was quickly recovered after the war. At the same time, the Soviet industry also soared at a high growth rate of 10%per year. By 1970At the time of the Soviet Union's total national revenue reached 65%of the United States, and more importantly, the Soviet Union began to catch up in industry or even surpass the United States.The Soviet Union's economic system reform, focusing on strengthening the heavy industry and military industry of the Soviet Union. As of the end of the 1960s, the steel output of the Soviet Union had accounted for 143%of the United States, oil production accounted for 140%of the United States, cement accounted for 162%of the United States, textiles accounted for the United StatesIn 178%, the number of intercontinental missiles has surpassed the United States to reach 1,300. At this time, the idea of the founding of the Soviet Union has also completed equal emphasis on the transformation of only nuclear power in the Khrushchev era to nuclear power and conventional forces.

Based on the change of advantages, the United States has to start to lower the posture on the issue of the Soviet Union. The U.S. easel faction led by Kissinger is the first to propose that the United States should alleviate the competition pressure from the Soviet Union in order to better adapt to it.The world, for the olive branches thrown in the United States, Brezhnev also showed good goodness. He said through various channels that the Soviet Union was willing to talk to the United States in a more peaceful way.The world's new pattern.

Sign signed by the US -Soviet Peace Treaty

The reason why the Soviet Union cater to the United States is also careful, and the Soviet executives, including Brezhnev, have a unified consensus on the United States, that is, the United States is the main obstacle of human history to freedom and democracy.This is the case, and this is still the case in the future.Although the Soviet Union and the United States have reconciled on the surface, the definition of the Soviet Union's definition of the United States has never changed. Based on this concept, the Soviet Union's understanding of the easing strategy was different from the beginning of the United States.Peace, but this does not mean that the Soviet Union is going to keep up with other regions except the United States. Now the United States is weak. If it does not take advantage of the situation, this is unreasonable. So after the 1970s, the Soviet expansion forces began to be comprehensive comprehensive.flowering.

Brezhnev and his beloved medal coat

From supporting India's disintegration of Pakistan to sending troops to interfere with Somalia, from disamment in Taky to invading Afghanistan, the whole 1970s ran around the West, and signed friendly cooperation treaties with 12 countries including India, Vietnam, and Egypt.In all places, all the United States also see in order to curb the Soviet Union. In August 1975, 35 European countries, including the Soviet Union, signed the Herbinsic Agreement, emphasizing that the United States expressed unintentionally in regional affairs and the influence of regional influence in the Soviet Union.Force, from the perspective of "humanitarianism" in the United States, I hope that the Soviet Union allows the Soviet Union to form a human rights supervision team and establish a group of different political opinions and non -violent protest protests.In the future, the United States has laid a vital seed to the peaceful evolution of the Soviet Union. With the shelter of this agreement, the people in various regions' resistance to the Soviet Union will be awarded moral and legal support. With Rigen in 1980The Soviet Union's attitude was tough again, and the Soviet Union's patience against the United States finally reached a critical point. Brezhnev felt that it was necessary to warn Western European countries, so the plan of the Soviet 81 military exercise was officially moved to the table.

Brezhnev signed the "Herbinsic Agreement"

One day in mid -August 1981, Marshal Ogalkov, the chief of the Soviet Union, submitted to a complicated and executable for the synthetic campaign plan for Brezhnev.In the military power of the Soviet Union, Marshal Ogalkov planned to formulate the three military regions of the Moscow Military Region, the Central Asian Military Region, the Caucasus Military Region and the Pacific Fleet, the Baltic Fleet to register a large number of main elite forces joint exercises. At the same timeIt is necessary to dispatch a certain amount of military force to cooperate with this military exercise, and even the militia and reserve forces are within Orgarkov's action plan. It is worth mentioning that the measurement units used by Ogalkov in the plan are ""Wan" is a unit, tanks, armored vehicles, rocket launch vehicles, armed helicopters, bombers and other military equipment have increased by thousands of units.

Brezhnev is very satisfied with this exercise plan, because he can see that this exercise is large enough from paper data, so that it can make Western European shiveringAnd after the 81 -military exercise plan was approved, Brezhnev invited NATO observer to observe on the spot, because the purpose of the 81 military exercise was so clear, Brezhnev felt that it was not necessary to cover upEssence

At 9 am on September 4, 1981, the Western-81 military exercises officially started. 500,000 red troops and tens of thousands of tank armored vehicles took northern contract as false enemies.Among them, the exercises are divided into six offensive directions, including Ludvigluster, Weiden, Brussels, Hosro, Lenzburg, and Scan. In order to maximize the actual combat, the director department has no right to right.Any restrictions on the exercise part is purely a free confrontation between the red and blue sides. As until the winning defeat, the exercise was just at the beginning.All kinds of artillery shot together to the enemy's position, and soon fried it into a scorched earth.

After the bombing, the Soviet tank forces and motorized infantry began to charge closely. The new T80 and T72 main battle tanks also in this charge.The turbine power main battle tank can reach 75 kilometers per hour. It is known as the "flying tank". At that time, no tank could compete with it.If you enter the unmanned situation, they rush straight to the enemy's position, and the Soviets controlled the entire German in just 5 to 6 days, and marching towards France.At the same time, the landing cluster composed of the Soviet Airborne soldiers, the Marine Corps, and motorized infantry also landed in Zelan Province of the Netherlands at the same time.

Of course, there is also a heavy project in this exercise, that is, the nuclear combat combat simulation. Considering that many countries such as the United States already have nuclear weapons, the Soviets deliberately showed the world the tenacious vitality under the nuclear blow.The military accumulated 141 nuclear strike simulation, and the volume of nuclear bomb explosion used each time ranged from 100 to 10,000 tons.

On September 11, 1981, the Western-81 military exercise officially ended. This exercise made the Soviet Union's muscles sufficient, but the price was huge. This exercise strengthened the West to fight with the Soviet Union, but it was more eased by another more relaxed.The way to disintegrate the Soviet Union's plan from the inside, soon Reagan's Star Wars plan was released. With the great fluctuations in the Afghanistan war and the Soviet Union's oil fluctuations, the situation of the Soviet Union worsened. Until ten years later, the red giant of 22 million square kilometers fell down.On Western Christmas Winter Night.