What is the experience of studying at the University of Minnesota?
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University of the University of MinnesotaMinnesota-Twin Cities is High-speed information websitea national-level public research university in Minnesota, Minnesota, Minnesota, USA.The Double City of the University of Minneda is the oldest and largest campus in the entire Minnesota University system.There are more than 330 majors in the Double City University of Minnesota, including business, construction engineering, science, law, liberal arts, medicineAnd agronomy and so on.Many disciplines have always ranked among the top 10 in the United States, including: Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Psychology, Department of Economics, Department of Information Management, Pharmacy, Forests, Popular Health Care, Education Department, Architecture, Landscape, etc.

Compared with the University of Washington (UW-Seattle), what?

Location: Washington Avenue Bridge

To summarize the characteristics of the Ming Dynasty with a word, I will use diversity.The We's dictionary defines it like this: "The Condition of Having or Being Composed of Differen Elements, Especially The Inclusion of Pe conveged races, Cultures, ETC.", rough meaning is to have it. Or it consists of different elements, specifically refers toCan accommodate the characteristics of people from different ethnic groups and different cultures; at the first lesson of the university (at that time I was still at Boya College), the teacher introduced the college and this year's course, and said, "People and peaceRegardless of gender, age, race, skin color, religious beliefs, nationality, occupation, etc., it is equal. "At that time, I just started to live here, and it was natural to understand it.EssenceI see people from different ages on campus and classrooms from different countries on campus and classrooms. I often see people who are already white -haired are still in school. This is my sentence to the teacher.Cognition.

I took Writing 1301 last semester last semester. Basic writing this course. The selected Section professor is Dr. Tara Zahler. This course must write a total of three topics. The first two Projects are about language, and the last one is independent independence.Project.First read a few writers' articles and write and analyze the final summary to write about their perception of it.Recall that the understanding of language is a writing lesson in high school. Foreign churches ask us to use English dictionaries to learn every new word and use its sentences. Of course, at the beginning, it is very uncomfortable with this learning method. It is difficult to adapt to it.Words and articles, that is, do not adopt literal translation but use English logic and English language to learn English.I am very naughty in high school. These lessons are not particularly serious. After graduation, I think of the first time that the high school class is traveling in Xi'an. It is in the hotel.I don't know what to do with the appreciation of a foreign teacher's English poetry. It was a father who taught her daughter to swim and told her to expand her limbs in the water. As long as she relaxed, her body could float by herself; of course, there was deep meaning.I think of this, I was very afraid of water, and I suddenly had a bold idea. I stepped off the pool and first stood in the water and perceived its temperature. It was cold and I couldn't help shaking.Adapt to it and think about something.Soon I will set off to a new country. I don't know what life will be like, and what kind of people will meet.I watched the ripples on the surface of the water seemed to think of something again. I controlled myself slowly open my arms, kept calmly and uniform breathing, and felt its buoyancy. It changed with the rhythm of breathing.Adjust myself along its power, thinking of that lesson and teacher, I seem to understand something, so I completely relaxed "lying down" and simply jumped directly from the pool after "victory" several times. I suddenly changed suddenly. I suddenly changed.So confident.

I wrote everything in all this into the analysis and text of writing. I remember that I was soaked in the library all day as today as today, sitting in the same place until I closed the library late at night.

Location; Walter Library

I will be fearless forever, because the teacher will always encourage me to encourage me silently, pull my hand forward, and go to the end.

I can't sleep at night to continue (

Let's talk about writing lessons.

The last topic of writing is also the best thing I do is a Research Project, which requires choosing a subject that I am interested in for independent research. This is a place I like. On the one handResources, for example, find borrowing literature on LIB's online platform, and analyze and integrate it into my own unique creation and insights; on the other hand, this satisfies some of my interests and exploration enthusiasm at the time.

My subject is the study of Hayao Miyazaki Movies. The general direction starts with Hayao Miyazaki's childhood experience: What makes my husband the most prestigious animated film director in Japan?Because of many reasons (the first Japanese anime that can be watched from a young age) I have always had a strong research interest in Japanese culture. Although my major is chemical engineering, this does not affect me as much as possible as possible as possible.To discover and learn other areas where you are interested in and want to learn.Being able to have this ability also benefits from high school to study and receive international education in English classes. There is a more free space to explore what I want.Thank you two foreign teachers in high school here.(As for the story of a foreign teacher, I may tell me that I have always had special feelings for teachers in the United States.)

The beginning of Hayao Miyazaki's movie "The Wind": The protagonist Hiroshima Yoshima Erlang

Let's talk about why Miyazaki's movies are selected as research objects.The first Hayao Miyazaki animation I watched is Chihiro Chihiro. This is the first movie to see crying. (I am a person who is easy to feel emotional.Feelings go in, although I know that this is sometimes not conducive to the objective analysis of literature topics), it is also the first movie I watched several times; at that time, there were some less pleasant things around me, almost lost to life.Passionate, Mr.'s movie was a good medicine for me at that time, helping me to spend that depression.I have always felt that I always wanted to tell the audience what the audience through the movie theater. My understanding was superficial at that time, but I was sinking in the beautiful story of the movie, and I couldn't know the deep meaning of these movies.

Watching this movie with the American friends who met with the meeting

In the past few days, he participated in the meeting of the University of Chemistry (Alpha Chi Sigma) in Virginia (the Conclave, which was held in two years, and each chapter sent representatives to participate). After reading, he read new feelings and gains.

On July 1st, he flew from Mingni to Roanoake. Conclave originally held a total of six days. Tomorrow morning, he flew back and returned to Minneapolis.

The daily arrangements these days are basically: Grand Chapter Meetings, FORUMS, and Parties.The meeting mainly discussed the amendments to the constitutional amendments and Bylaws. Members submitted the proposal online to debate the next day, and finally vote for the results (by all members).This is the first Conclace I participated in. So such a meeting is basically not taking notes. Forum is mainly lectured from one to two lecturer (professor of Virginia Tech or organization), and there will also be a link to discuss questions freely.The Forum I participated in includes Resume Writing, Ethics, DIVERSITIES, Inclusion and so on.I started my second job in the university in the summer vacation. I did a full -time Custodian in Weisman Art Museum (the first is to be in M Dining Services).I want to save some money, and if you want to be busy next semester, put your job, although the tentative is that the next semester will work on Saturday, all day)

A screenshot of Grand Chapter Meeting, the host is Grand Alchemist Kip Nalley

In just a week, I also harvested a lot, overcoming and boldly communicated and expressed with members, professors and other Delegate of many associations.

It is more surprising that when I was chatting with my roommate on Wednesday, I talked about Hayao Miyazaki's movie when I was chatting. At that time, I also briefly introduced some (after all, but the best topic I did in my writing class, I took 298/300) myselfFeeling.There was a banquet at INN the next night. A professor suddenly came to me (let's call him derek), saying that he was very fascinated by Hayao Miyazaki's movie. He said that he had watched a movie of hisRecommended old man's movie.I was surprised. Later, I knew it was a roommate and then chatted with his friends. Then many many people were particularly interested in me. At that time, I was really happy in my heart.So no one will really pay special attention to someone).Derek said he had seen Nausica of the Valley of the Wind.I was surprised, because I wrote in the 1984 movie in 1984 and remembered it as an example. At that time

Originally, DEREK watched "The Wind" with other new friends on Friday night. Unfortunately, because of some changes in the itinerary and Conclave, he went back one day in advance, so only some friends who just met with me watched it with me at night at night.this movie.

The night on the INN Hotel was the happiest memory of my five days. I clearly remembered and told him that I thought and read that the subject and had done it. When I recalled an article I read: "In TokyoAt night, the whole city was bombarded by the burning bomb, and Mr. Hayao Miyazaki was three years old. His father rushed back to the company to drive the car and took the whole family to escape the city. When he met a neighbor on the road, he asked if he could bring it.When their family was walking together, my father said that the car was full and could not tolerate more people to leave together. "The reason for the concept of war), I couldn't help but my eyes were moist, and the hand holding Derek told him how much I felt that I would hope that such things would not happen.

At night, I walked outside to watch the night view. I found that there were many fireflies. I said that I often saw them at night when I was in the countryside in the countryside.Several people began to grab fireflies, I was stupid in hands and feet, so I couldn't catch it. A American girl caught a holding and handed it to me if I wanted to see it, I said yes, and then stupidlyI accidentally let it fly away again, and then grabbed another one.It shone in my hands with green fluorescent, exactly the same as when I saw it as a child.

Recently, I wrote an article about the association. The experience learned from high school community has made me from college to the student organization who integrates into this side.Such experiences when applying for graduate students may also be appreciated by Americans.


Update: 04/13/23

Suddenly I found that I had issued a knowledge, and it has been a long time; the summer vacation of the second semester of junior year was received from the admission chemical major.

I received a notice from the invitation to the chemical engineering and material scholarship awards yesterday!IntersectionThe event is held in the museum!And also accurately stuck at the start time of working on Friday!Intersection

After communicating with Supervisor, I decided not to go to work on the same day (yes, always do not let guests do things hahahahahahaha)

When I first came to Ming University, I was actually confused about my majors and four years of life. In retrospect, the biggest to help me at the beginning of the freshman one is college writing lessons.

I still remember that the university did not adapt to high -intensity English writing and applications at the beginning. With the help of Dr. Tara Zahler, I learned to embrace the culture and life here and express my thoughts from the heart.To explore the culture and topics I am interested in, it also made my last independent subject choose to explore Mr. Hayao Miyazaki's movie, especially the story of "The Wind" about the air engineer, Mr. Hiriyoshi and the design zero fighter aircraft; plusThe experience of studying what I was interested in let me further choose to obey my wish, and to the professional Orientation of the semester to chemical engineering.Because I want to be an engineer.

I was excited and enthusiastic about the first professional lesson in my sophomore year last semester.Because I chose to follow my inner thoughts and walked on the way I wanted to go.And I also have some fear, because the predecessors described the description of this course terrible; but the enthusiasm and kindness of the professor quickly, the strong learning atmosphere and the simple and free academic style of the chemical industry quickly took away my concerns, nor did it not haveGet away from the professor of the student's face in the class.The Department of Chemical Industry is always tolerant of us, and the professor will always rest assured that let us learn ourselves.

After admission, the rhythm of life is more compact, and gradually get rid of the halo of "Ming Da Chemical" and "Ace Professional".Work.Even in the future, the signboard of the chemical industry does not work, even if it is reduced to refugees, we must be able to survive.

The Primary Reason that I Chose CEMS for My Undergraduate Education is that OurDepPartment is Well-Known and Highly RePuted for its Education, Especially For Chemica l Engineering. The Intensive Courses and An Academic Curriculum that's Structured Can Definitelyhelp Me SUCCEED in my career as a Chemical EngineerGetting a solid undergraduate education atCems. Speaking of the Undergraduate Curriculum, I tried love the cost taken so goodHarder Than Normal STEM COURSES LIKE CALCULUS. The Courses Are Led Andtaight by Our Professors Who Are RePutable for their Teaching StyleAs well as their research, and iCan Learn Effectively From Doing the Recitals and HomeWork Assigns that AREALWAYS POSTED on Canvas Site. Active Learner. The Atmosphere Here is veryfriendly and comfortable. I have a strong feleing of belonging to aWarm family in theDepartment.

The reason why I chose CEMS for undergraduate education is mainly because we are worldwide because of their education, especially chemical engineering.These high -intensity courses and extremely structural academic plans can help me get a solid undergraduate education in CEMS, so as to succeed in my chemical engineer's career.Speaking of undergraduate courses, I really like the courses I take, although they are much more rare than ordinary STEM courses, such as calculus.These courses are known by our professors, leaders, professors, and professors. They can learn from their RECITION problems and family homework from the reciaros on the Canvas.I learned to be a positive learner.The atmosphere here is very friendly and comfortable.I have a strong sense of belonging, belonging to a warm family in this department.

It can be surprising but I was indeed by the japnese movie the wind rises, which tells the story of aneronautical engineer who worgly to design The Bestfighter USing the Limited Resources He has on Hand. The Engineering Pieces of the Movie and Theway AnEngineer Spends His Life True, Sparked My Interest In Engineering and A Wish to Becomineer WORKS Hard. I Trour Loved Chemistry and TAUGHT AP CHEMISTRY IN HighSchool, and Eventually I decided to pursue a chemical engineering at umn Because chemeReputed Major in OUR University and I Believe that Everyone the Cream of the Crop; Certainly I Can Learn A Lot FROM PEOPLE AS PERSON WHOALWAYS HAVE PATI ENCE to Learn From People, Especially from Those Who Are Strong.

This may be surprising, but I was indeed inspired by the Japanese film "The Wind". This film tells the story of an aviation engineer. He uses limited resources at hand to work hard to design the best fighter.The engineering fragments of the movie and the lifelong lifestyle of the engineer really inspired my interest in the project, and also inspired me to become a hard -working engineer.I like chemistry very much. When I was in high school, I taught myself the first courses in college, including AP chemistry. In the end, I decided to study chemical engineering degree in UMN because chemical engineering is undoubtedly the most famous major in our university. I believe everyone here is the mostBest; of course, I can learn a lot from the people around me, because they always learn to learn from people, especially those powerful people.

I realized that I made the right decision when I too, I too, the first Chemical engineering count, Mass and Energy Balance. He Basic Principles of Math, Physics, and Chemistry to Make Something New, Thrilling, And, AndExcing. I indulized in the beauty of Engineering. I felt extremely when I get positive fedback from exams beCAUSE I tackled and conquered the time. d to me at first. This class inspired me to stepforward in this Major and FURTHER on the PATHE PATHO ofBecoming An Enginer. Benefited from theResources that our department provides like co-op prop, internship, career resources eTC, I definitly trust that I will bill b E Able to use the available resources that I have on hand and learn everything that I need to become anQualify Engineer.

I realized that I made the right decision. It was the first time that I took a chemical class, quality and energy balance.I found that we were fully invested in it how we used the basic principles of mathematics, physics and chemistry to create new and exciting things.I am obsessed with the beauty of the project.When I got positive feedback from the exam, I was very happy because I first dealt with and overcome some things that were very difficult for me.This course inspired me to make progress in this major and further embark on the road to becoming an engineer.Thanks to the resources such as cooperation projects, internships, and occupational resources provided by our department, I definitely believe that I will be able to use my existing resources to learn to become a need for engineers.

Written in the front:

After a year and a half, I had a general impression on UMN. I was trying to divide two propositions: "experience of studying universities in the United States" and "I have to study in UMN."I will marked the experiences brought by the American education system below the article. Those are unique places in UMN, thanks!

In addition, the evaluation of UMN is not high a year ago

For life in UMN, I think the best description is: "A ideal blind date marriage"

Maybe when they first met, they were not very familiar, and they were not the first choice for each other.Except for cold, there are even few features.But after getting along more and more, I found that there are so many advantages here, and then slowly fall in love with this place?

Umn Econ undergraduate is studying for 25 years

I think most of the students who came to the University of Minnesota should not be UMN in the head of the head.Doctoral students around me knew that most of the students at the time were like NYU, Umich, BU, and UCLA with high -geographical locations.As a well -known Volkswagen School, UMN did not say that because too many people applied for Overqualified rejection.It is also very friendly to apply for Chinese students. I can brush the posts applied by the US -based application on XHS, and I have basically received Mingda admission.Therefore, I think that such a brightness can be considered beautiful.

This article will first summarize the audience experience from several levels, and then slowly add some of your own ideas.

How can I come to UMN:

In a word, only UMN gave me offer, so I came here

When I was a sophomore in China, I DIY applied for transfer. At that time, the UWM materials I applied for did not have been; WM rejected; OSU even missed the application DDL; at that time, I submitted the application in mid -April and sent the transcript and the graduation certificate in the past few days.In less than two weeks, I got offer on the evening of May 4th.Offer is quite fast, and I didn't even submit a letter of recommendation or write any document (fill in the application in more than half an hour). Before the offer on the Ming University, I did not have an offer.It has just passed the line.In the end, the only one who was holding himself was the only offer.

2022 Autumn Meben Transfer, what school is you being admitted to (Rej/DEFER), how are your standardization and activities?-Bankees' answer -Zhihu

There are not many Chinese students who are undergraduates around them. Most Chinese undergraduate students are domestic and international high schools. A small number of them are beautiful. The rest are the same Luke transfer students like me.

The international students of the school mainly come from China, including Taiwan, and India (there are really many Indian students in the past two years, and there are a tendency to surpass Chinese students)

Most of the Chinese master's degrees come from good 211 or 985 or above in the country. The undergraduate undergraduate under the Ming University of China is at least the top of the University of Science and Technology.(Now I feel that there are many other 985 and Nanda University.

Compared to the student's TOP30 students, Mingda's students are absolutely not good (that is, it is very impossible. Because of the state universities, most students in the school are local students in Mingzhou.Most of them are uneven. Except for a few small geniuses, most of them are vegetable forced

Then, if the Chinese undergraduate students around you have to compare, the learning ability is almost the same as the ordinary domestic one (only take the economy of my economy as an example).Moreover, there are a lot of rich brothers and rich sisters. Finding what to write on behalf is also commonplace for many people. Maybe outsiders may seem like this student never learns.

Some people may explain that the threshold for enrollment is low, resulting in the school's incompetence.In fact, the source of students is not the main factor that determines the good or bad of a school. It is an adult. When you are studying at the university, you are not to study what you like, but all kinds of comparison thresholds. I also feel very sad.Essence(It's all going to college, and you are responsible for your own life.

I have checked the data a little before, and there are about thousands of Chinese students in Mingda Chinese students. They are the most among international students in various countries, followed by Indians and Koreans.In addition, as a past immigrant into the state, a considerable number of Asian immigrants in Mingzhou can see many Asian students on the streets of the school.

(There are several major categories of East Asian culture in Mingzhou: international students in mainland China, immigrants in Wuyi, Guangdong (mainly Taishan, as many restaurants), Taiwanese immigrants and international students (more Kaiso, Korean and Korean studentsAnd the Miao people in the Mingzhou HMONG People. This is a Culture Tips.

Ninggu Tower in North America:

UMN teaching quality and the lack of professors:

Economy alone (undergraduate:

It has been here for more than half a year.

The Shanghai people came here to receive the education of ice and snow. I can only say that I learned, learned, and learned.EssenceEssence

The sun was very good one day in January, and the snow was snowing.

Into the title.

My research direction is the history of China, Japan, Russia, MRT and media.Those who are more familiar with Asian studies, comparative literature, German and Russian, and history.Professor Teng School is born and has a wide range of network resources, and the classmates of the Master's Expo are now spread all over the famous schools in North America.Their recommendation letters have a gold content because of this relationship.Of course, this one is only effective for undergraduates.Professor's concern for students varies from person to person.

In terms of academic style, Mingda is more open and free than Fujin SchoolProfessor and students are derived from trying to try some theoretical or developed research.

andThere are few struggles between departments and factionsIt can be said to be peaceful.

Two -top two. Money

After speaking, the upper building will talk about the lower foundation.

As a poor student in the liberal arts, I have done it. Of course, this is large because I have no material pursuit.The salary of 21K is paid every year, and there are other opportunities for awards, so basically you will have 25-30k so much money each yearEssenceHousing does not wait 600-1400 knives per month, and other living expenses ranging from 300-800 knives.Learning fees ranging from 1400-2k each year.The tax refund can be refunded by about 1-1.6K each year.

This is a bit abstract, let me explain it.

If you want to be comfortable, a single household is 1.4K per month, you can eat 3-4 times a week, and have an appropriate entertainment consumption of 800.In this way, the ticket to return home/travel, and the deduction of taxes and some turnover funds paid in advance,The full calculation is about 35K to spend the worry -free comfort.


In January 2023 Demonstration of Graduate Union of the Ming University.

Compared with schools at the same level, Mingda's salary level seems to stop ten years ago.A public school operates the taste of corporate capital.The graduate group has not been able to work in the past, Shock.Although life consumption is also low, it is still too much.

I used to live in Europe before, and I did not adapt to the United States.Because Mingcheng does not have Street Life.Traveling in Europe and large cities in China in large cities in China is a pleasant thing for travel+walking model.However, the streets and public transportation in the United States are dangerous. When you go out at night, you must have your own car, or with your friends.(Although so, I actually often do night bus home.)

In Europe, there are often private coffee shops on the streets, suitable for green space.In large domestic cities, we walk around the shops in the composite mall, and there are various snack stalls on the street (although these stalls are constantly being controlled).

However, even in the DOWNTOWN, which is standing high -rise, there is often no one on the streets of Mingcheng, as if some experimental photography imagines for unmanned earth. Except for the three or two crazy and expensive people hovering at the light rail station, it seems that only the room is living.In the end, Chuanliu continues to enter the indoor car.

This city is so empty.

Before reading the blog, I broke up with my ex -boyfriend due to different values.Today, it is like a dog, and it is planned to have been going on.Open some relatively high -quality dating software, I only see ugly, ugly, ugly.

The ugliness here has nothing to do with the mind, and it has nothing to do with the appearance of the five senses.Dating software on dating software shows that Mingzhou men believe that practicing muscles is beauty, big pieces, no matter what the muscles, they never care about taking care of themselves, do not pay attention to dressing together, and clean hair.This kind of physical training reflects a rough pursuit of self and strength. I think that most women are not appreciated on the premise of self -persuasion in the market of good and bad.

At this time, I saw that "I think XXX is like this, not to be convinced" (XXX is about Harry Potter, Star Wars).EssenceEssence

After the above complaints, I have to give me an example that it makes me feel "ah, it's a good time, it's good to come," it is good. "

As a movie, the media of the media and modern history, the film culture of Mingcheng is strong, and the urban theater, theater, and university education are closely connected.For example, just yesterday, I went to watch the "Breaking Woman in the Early Silent Movies" series of film -professors planned by the film history lesson, and also have the live band soundtrack.I am grateful for being able to have this experience.

Cinema's first nasty waternhttps://www.zhihu.com/video/1627331633400430592

In the classroom, I learned a lot from the process of dealing with colleagues and professors from the process of dealing with those libraries and archives.I am glad that I am happy for these enlightenment dialogue and solid progress.I gradually changed from comparative literature to film history researchers. This was my expectation and clue for a year ago.


I am now a master of computer science at the University of Minnesota.Before coming to the Ming Dynasty, I studied at Miko for a year and a half.First of all, why I chose the University of Minnesota. At that time, I received the CS offer of the 2W scholarships and offers of the 2W scholarships and offers of the 2W knife of the Woolst Institute of Technology at the time, so I chose it mainly in these two.First, the student replacement policy of the University of Minnesusida is very good. Basically, all my credits can be changed, so I have 35 credits at the first school (equivalent to a freshman in the freshman year. ThereforeMainly practicing three minors).Secondly, the University of Minnesota ranked in Shanghai Ranking, which is also a global TOP50. The research strength is very strong, and I want to take the academic route, which is definitely stronger than the WPI of R2.Third, as the state flagship of Mingzhou, there are quite a lot of resources. From research opportunities to community resources are unable to compare with small colleges, and the discipline is more widely, suitable for students like me who are interested in many disciplines.In the end, the tuition fee of the University of Minnesusida is cheap in the United States. Even if the WPI gives 2W coverage, it is cheaper.


We first explain the academic experience of Mingda University. Although they are State Flagship University, they are often spit -up at students and professors.However, I got the opportunity to do Undergrad Researcher under a professor's laboratory two weeks before school, and I can really participate in scientific research projects made by professors in depth.So as long as you pay more attention to relevant information and make reasonable use of school resources, I think this problem is not big.The academic Mingda University is also quite rigorous. My data structure professor and discrete mathematics professor are very good (especially Dan Knights, forced push).The overall difficulty of the course is relatively simple. I feel that Chinese students can kill here.EssenceAs for bad.EssenceEssenceI think Themes Requirement is very nonsense, and the curriculum planning is not easy to do. There are also many communities in the school to choose from.It's really strong. For example, some students went to Jane Street for internship, which is a model of our generation.

The laboratory telescope, in the St. Paul Campus

Mingda's life experience is also good. There are many Chinese restaurants in Stadium Village and University Village.However, because it is very busy, many times they eat in school.The school cafeteria is not bad, you can also choose Food Court to eat.The weather is okay. It is enough to grab a velvet jacket and a trench coat around zero.It is the most difficult time to rain and wind rain, and the umbrella is useless at all.In addition, the RECWELL (gymnasium) facilities are very good.That is, Lao Mei is really diligent, and it will be queued at more than 5 am.Essence

RECWELL at 5:30 in the morning

Regarding security issues, I think it is okay as long as it is on campus.But if the West Coast has passed Carlson, 17th Ave over the east bank is basically safe, and then don't go to Dinky Town locals.After all, Minnesparis is a common problem in large cities as big cities -public security.

Before coming, I made a criminal map of the recent two-year historical information through SAFE-U. Most of the crimes of Mingda were the edge of the campus and Dinky Town.So be careful in these places

Regarding computer science, Mingda can choose CLA or CSE.The former is the College of Arts and Sciences, that is, CS+X. Relatively speaking, there are fewer professional courses, but you can choose a field for minoring, which is more suitable for students who like to explore.The CSE of the Polytechnic Institute is mainly professional courses and mathematics courses, and more Specialized.

If you have any to ask if you want to comment, you can comment and reply or private message, and you are welcome to know the CS students who are both Ming Da Yi.

Mingda photo

Karson Business School

Weierson Library

Wesmann Art Museum

School mascot

EECS building

Nanotech building

School of Physics and Astronomy



Content source: Public account "Study in Highway"

Congratulations to the students of the classmate X, the University of Mingnusda, the two -cities of the University of Minda!

BleakHigh school: OSD system

BleakAdmission school: Double City of Minnesota University

BleakAdmission college: School of Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Science

BleakAdmission major: Application economy major

BleakLanguage: Duo neighboring country 140+

X classmate offer display

The University of Minnesota is located in Minnesota, central United States, and has a total of five campuses in the entire system.

Among them, the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities is the flagship campus, which is located in the historic Minnezoz and Santa Paul area, so the name of "dual cities" is named.

城 The official website

The University of Minnesota is a public ivy college in the United States,Softcare World University Academic Ranking (ARWU) ranked 44th,,The 85th place in Thames Thames World,,2023 American News and World Report (U.S. News) medium ranks 23rd in public universities and 53rd in the United States Best UniversityEssence

"Driven To Discover" is the school motto of Mingda, representing that scientific research exploration is one of the important missions of Mingda.Mingda's scientific research funding is as high as US $ 1 billion per year, creating a wealth of scientific research opportunities and an advanced scientific research environment for all members of the Ming Dynasty.