Asian Cup | National Football Team opponent Qatar confirmed to warm up with Cambodia and Jordan
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On December 19,Hot news website local time, the Qatar Football Association announced through official channels that the Qatar team will play warm -up match with the Cambodia and Jordan teams before the start of this cup.

According to the results of the Asian Cup group drawing, the host Qatar, the Chinese team, the Tajikistan, and the Lebanon team were divided into group A.Among them, the Tajikistan team was concentrated on December 16, and then traveled to Dubai, UAE.The Lebanon team conducted the first training of a new training on December 19.The Chinese team has also started training in Abu Dhabi, UAE.In the same team, only the Qatar team has not yet blew the collection number, because the 12th round of the Qatar League will be held on December 20th and 21st, local time.

As the new head coach of the Qatar team, the Spaniard Lopez led the old owner Wakla team on December 18 to participate in a league -time re -match, and he has given the club team to the assistant to officially enter the Qatar team coach role.EssenceIt is understood that in order to work well in the Qatar team, Lopez also invited Louis Garcia Felunus, who had served as the head coach of the Spanish team as his assistant.

Louis Garcia had previously worked with Lopez for a while.While Lopez was the coach of Belgium, Garcia played in the team until the boots were hung.After retired, Garcia taught at the U21 Youth Team of Oben Club.In April this year, Garcia was invited to the Spanish team to coach, but after class in November this year because of the unsatisfactory coaching results.Garcia has arrived in Doha.

It is reported that before Lopez took office, the Qatar Football Association has invited the Cambodian team to play a teaching competition with Qatar on December 31.At the request of Lopez, the Qatar Football Association also invited another warm -up opponent for the Qatar team.According to the plan, Qatar will play warm -up with the Jordan team on January 5 next year.In order to prepare for the Asian Cup, the Jordan team will go to Lipuri to play a warm -up match with the Lebanon team, and then warm up in the move of Dorha and Qatar.On January 9 next year, the Jordan team will also play a warm -up match with the Japanese team.

Text/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Xiao Yan