The Shanghai Municipal Government convened a symposium on the Shanghai Economic Situation Experts: seize opportunities to thoroughly plan and promote high -quality development in Shanghai
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Themoment information website Shanghai Municipal Government held a symposium on the Shanghai Economic Situation Experts on December 21. Participating experts combined with their own research fields, focusing on domestic and foreign economic situation, future industrial development trends, scientific and technological innovation and industrial innovation cross -regional collaboration, factor market service Shanghai development, etc.Express your opinions and make suggestions for Shanghai's optimization policies and measures.Gong Zheng thanked the experts to make suggestions and wisdom for the development of the economic and social development of Shanghai, and expressed that he would carefully study, sort out and absorb, and use it into work practice.He said that at present, we focus on accelerating the construction of the "five centers" and accelerate the establishment of a world -influential socialist modern international metropolis.We must seize opportunities, plan in -depth plans, use many superposition advantages of major national strategic tasks, seize the vast track of emerging industries to break through, seize the favorable conditions of the continuous rebound of the traffic economy, and promote the high -quality development of Shanghai.It is hoped that experts will continue to pay attention to Shanghai and study Shanghai, give full play to the advantages of expertise, and provide more intellectual support for Shanghai development.