Who was scared by Chinese nuclear forces caused by the nervousness of the United States and Russia?
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Uliyanov believes that China should not participate in this 时事热点form of work, but he has no specific explanation.

However, the outside world can't help but think of the efforts made by the United States in recent years to allow China to participate in the strategic weapons negotiations, including hype "Chinese threat theory" and other means.Why does Russia say that China does not have to attend this negotiating table?

This is mainly because China's nuclear forces cannot be compared with the United States and Russia. Although China is very advanced in technology, the number of nuclear weapons is far behind the United States and Russia.

Therefore, it is unfair, unreasonable and feasible to let China participate in military control negotiations.

The reason why Russia stands up is not only because of good relations between China and Russia, but also because some small movements in the United States are actually unavailable.

The United States and Russia have been restricting the nuclear arsenal through negotiations, but there is no similar agreement between China and the United States.For concerns and fear, the United States also hopes to understand China's verification through nuclear control negotiations.

It is reported that because China's nuclear weapons -related intelligence -related levels are very high, the United States has still unable to obtain too much information despite many means, which makes them feel disturbed.

Even if they finally know that the number of nuclear warheads in China is not large, as long as they understand the details, the United States can rest assured.

On the one hand, nuclear weapons are a terrible weapon that is extremely lethal, which will threaten world peace and bring great harm to human survival environment.

The United States is also very clear about this, so it actively promotes the development and diffusion of nuclear weapons to maintain its own hegemonic position.

On the other hand, China has developed rapidly in many fields in recent years, causing tension in the United States. They are worried that their global status and influence will decline.

All in all, the United States wants to monitor China in real time.However, as mentioned earlier, the number of nuclear weapons owned by the United States far exceeds China.

In contrast, China has always maintained a minimum nuclear weapon, only for effective nuclear counterattacks and forming nuclear deterrence.

Therefore, China's nuclear weapon development is completely reasonable and legal, and there is no need to participate in such negotiations.Moscow knows this very well, so it will clearly indicate that it is not forced to participate in China.

Of course, not forcing China does not mean not forcing other countries.Uliyanov emphasized that as the US military allies in NATO, we cannot ignore the strength of France and Britain.

President Putin previously stated that Russia would suspend participation in the "Russia -US Treaty Treaty", but would continue to abide by the treaty.

He pointed out that before discussing the treaty, it is necessary to understand the positions of countries such as France and the United Kingdom.If you align your spear at my partner, then I will also aim at your allies.

The United States wants China to participate in the treaty's negotiations, and France and Britain cannot escape.Next depends on the US response.

However, whether it is France or Britain, the United States will not care, because for them, these countries are just "chess pieces".