What kind of experience is the Macau tower jumping?
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That is 一刻资讯2019.06.20

I go to the Macau Pagoda!

One item in life task list!

Btw I just finished the entrance examination

Only 15 ha ~

The following is the experience of bungee jumping (the writing is a bit messy, but it is written according to the bungee jumping process)

The younger sister who booked on the 1st floor is not Chinese, speak English and Portuguese (maybe a little Cantonese)

(How do I know she later told Portuguese to the staff? ???)

Then there are many foreign tourists on the 61st floor.

For example, there are India family who walk with me in the air.

Indian mothers and two daughters, dad did not play

There are a lot of Chinese jumping workers who can't do it in Chinese

So if you want to communicate

English should not be too bad

I don’t know why the staff on the jumping table are all men (the appointment is not counted)

But they are all friendly

I am 0003

When I was at 0001 (that is, the first day), I was already standing on the stage

When she jumped down, the staff of the staff suddenly pushed me (the safety measures were good, and they would never fall, there was a rope behind), scared me to death!IntersectionIntersectionIntersection

Then the staff on the table laughed into a ball

I suddenly think they are so cute


BTW: There are many staff members on the table, everyone is responsible for different things, but many but not messy

Then, the brother who scared my brother DEI asked me if I was afraid of it, but the whole process of English, so if English is not too good, I will miss a lot of fun.

The next 0002 is the only one of our first five men

But goose ... he was panicked

Speaking of me and I still have the same city

He also went to bungee jumping from Nanjing

When he jumped, the staff countdown "Five Four Three Two One."

He suddenly shook and returned

(When you jump, the two staff members are around you, holding you your shoulders, basically pushing you down)

This is the second time

He returned again

the third time

He returned again

the fourth time

Pushed down


The next one is 0003 me!

The board on the right is to put it down to jump for you

Will tie the rope on the chair next to the side chair

The staff of the staff is still very warm

My legs break the mouth with a large sesame

He also asked me if there was anything wrong

Then I also told me why the bungee jumping was very slow that day -the little brother who pulled the rope went to work on the first day, but he was a handsome Portuguese, and I forgive him hahaha.(When others ask the new little brother, when the rope is fine, he has always been: "not yet." And full of confidence.)

Well, the little brother who tie the rope is talking about the plastic Macau in Macau people who have caused me to listen+guess what he is talking about.

Then I sat on the chair for a long time

Den me

He also said, "You should be so white."

It's really not that I am white, it's he too dark


I got out of the chair

Then tied a lot of ropes

On the way

I have repeatedly tried to walk to the table

Both were pulled by the two of them

That white staff has always asked me why I want to jump so much

How can my English be so good that I can fully express my inner desire

Then I finally went to the "execution ground"

Standing at the outer moment

I have been very calm, I am also scared

Then I found that my hand was holding the staff’s arm

When the countdown "Five Four Three Two One" I really want to retreat

But I was still pushed down in Liao in gorgeous

Feeling of free fall



Seeing the staff on the left, I didn't have time to take back the hand, didn’t I get back?

Then go down

After going down, pull a rope

It will change from the head to the lower legs

The legs have also been unlocked

Pretty good

By the way, the red T -shirt on my body is bungee jumping

I want to be a ticket

During the bungee jumping process

The staff who repair the tower will also wave at you in the air

I also greeted them happily too

Jump to the ground

It is a large inflatable cushion

(Like ... someone in the TV series jumped off the building, the cushion on the ground)

Someone helps you solve your installation

After solving it, I feel like I have been lighter ten pounds

Then I asked if the staff of the rope could jump on it for a while

He agreed happily

Then I found out

Buretack package = bungee jump+super bustus


Because my sister is 0004

So I want to wait for her below

After being allowed by the staff

The two of us are in a cool place

He is sitting in his chair

I sit on the ground


en route

After coming out, one person is for him

He told me before leaving: Don't worry, your sister will come down soon, don’t wait a long time

I said, "Thank you!"

(People are so nice)


He asked me, can he hug me before he leaves


Crossing the picture in the video

I am in my heart:?IntersectionIntersectionIntersectionIntersectionHe is handsome, okay!

Then I got praise: "You are beautiful and cute!"

Then I'm not cute who is cute

(Sorry, the previous sentence was not what I said, but accidentally knocked it wrong, hahahaha)

The strange thing is

His Mandarin is really plastic

Then my collapsed sister jumped down

I think she is really scared

But still bravely jump down!